Yes – MORE NEW Inductions Coming to WrestleCrap! Plus…80s vs 90s, Undertaker Phantom Loss, the Ted McGinley of Wrestling, and COOKIES!

Starting off with some really cool news this week that I think y’all are gonna like. In the very near future, we will be doubling the amount of NEW INDUCTIONS we will be posting each week, with Monday nights now getting them in addition to the traditional Thursday nights. All the rest of our content is also remaining, so it’s not like we’re robbing Peter to give a bad check to Paul or anything. Better yet, I am thrilled to announce that we have another new writer joining us here, although saying he’s new is quite a disservice to the man since he’s been writing about wrestling even longer than I have. None other than Scott Keith will be penning some inductions for us! I can’t wait, as I’ve been a huge fan of the guy for years and his snarky attitude should fit right in. Good times ahead for all of us! Speaking of which, let’s jump right into the mailbag and see what you have for us this week…

Johnny C asks…”I’ve noticed that, when it comes to wrestling, even though you came of age in the 80s, you seem to express a preference for 90s wrestling, from the matches to the appearances of the performers (i.e, preferring Miss Elizabeth in 90s WCW to Miss Elizabeth in 80s WWF). Is this an accurate assessment of your wrestling preferences?”

The 90s were the first full decade of wrestling fandom for me, so there may be some bias there I suppose. It’s interesting, as I’ve never really dug into a decade by decade analysis, though I can tell you my fandom from Hunter’s reign of terror in the early 2000s to the start of AEW had my fandom lower than the 90s for sure. To clarify, AEW somewhat forced WWE to change and I’m always in favor of that. The promotion is in no way, shape, or form perfect (as this week’s Thursday night induction will demonstrate), but anytime wrestling is forced to evolve it’s a good thing. I’m rambling here, but yes, I’d say you are right in your assessment. Lastly, anyone with functioning vision can tell that WCW Liz was way hotter than WWF Liz. That’s just common sense.

Patrick M wants to know…”Why was Undertaker counted out of the 1990 survivor series when he had already tagged out to Greg Valentine ?”

Incompetent officials were a staple of 90s wrestling. See above, I know that era better than anyone.

Ryan G inquires…”Who is another AEW star that needs new old theme music from the 80’s?”

Sting. While I totally dig the entrance he has now with the snow and everything (especially as he heads into the winter of his career), I really want his final send off to have a string of his earlier music, like they did for some of the wrestlers in Japan recently. Man Called Sting cannot be left on the shelf! It’s got cowbells, howling, and the line “he does this / he does that / he’s big as a bull / and he’s as quick as a cat”!!!! (That’s what you meant, right? 😉 )

Bryan J ponders…”Favorite dessert?”

I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. But if I could choose only one dessert, it would be Mrs. Deal’s oatmeal scotchies, a simple, yet incredibly rich and buttery oatmeal cookie with butterscotch chips and when they come out of the oven, I am there with a gallon of ice cold milk. She also makes incredible chocolate chip cookies with a sea salt crust that are out of this world. It’s amazing I don’t weigh 800 pounds as she is the absolutely best baker I’ve ever known and no one else comes close.

James B throws this at us…”In the same way that Ted McGinley is the patron Saint of shows jumping the shark, who’s the Patron Saint of Wrestlecrap?”

It’s an odd choice to be sure, but anytime I saw Stephanie McMahon put herself into an angle, my interest died. The InVasion was shaky enough, but when she showed up with a leather beret and was the head of ECW I nearly threw a brick through my TV. Just the worst.

Mike M questions…”Do you remember the point when you realized that wrestling was “predetermined”?”

Pretty much from day one as I was like 16 years old when I first saw wrestling. But I would always try to find guys who felt completely out of control and thus made me truly want to question it. Randy Savage would have topped that list, but Roddy Piper as well. I’ve been on a bit of a binge of their stuff lately and it is unreal. Their heel WWF work was the stuff of dreams.

And with that, I take leave so I can work on more WrestleCrap goodness heading your way!

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