WrestleMania IX, WrestleMania 40, AEW Roster Cuts, Mariah May, Worst Theme Songs, and More!

A day late, a dollar…whatever I guess. Just wanted to make sure I got that video of me, Brian Zane, and others posted right away. You know, five years after we recorded it. Anyway, mailbag time – let’s get to answering some questions!!

Carlos B kicks things off with…”Why was Wrestlemania IX really that bad??”

Out of the 28 or so reasons, the number one of course was Hulk Hogan sneaking back to the top of the mountain and making Bret Hart, my favorite wrestler at the time, look like the world’s biggest moron. I was watching this on SCRAMBLEVISION with my buddy Casey and when he heard what was happening, he was so happy as he was a Hulkamaniac. I wanted to punch him in the face. Instead, I just left his house and didn’t talk to him for a week. Probably still my all time most hated WrestleMania moment. Yours?

Chad A wants us to smell what he’s cooking…”I know you’re not big on the WWE product, but do you plan on watching Wrestlemania this year? I’m loving the build-up this year, Rock is as good as he’s even been in promos and some of the other stories have been built up quite well, let’s just hope WWE sticks to the landing this year with Cody”

I mean, as long as Michael Cole is on commentary I can’t really watch an entire show without throwing a brick through my screen, so I’ll likely just catch clips. That said, Rock has been STRAIGHT FIRE in this run. Holy crap he’s amazing. He is so many levels above anyone else in not only WWE but in the entire world it’s not even funny. He’s absolutely incredible and the Cody build has been great. They’ll do the right thing this year, I promise you that.

Rob B asks the age old question…”After seeing this clip from Rene Dupree’s podcast and hearing the numbers, it really does remind me of WCW having guys like Lanny Poffo on the payroll without ever using them. If it were up to you to reduce the size of AEW’s roster and save money, who are some of the wrestlers you would release or allow their contracts to expire?”

I mean, like half the roster could be gone and I don’t think anyone would notice. Guess I’d start with Miro for sure along with his hot, flexible (ex) wife, Dark Order, The Righteous, Ethan Page, Jake Hager, Jeff Hardy, Kip Sabian (he can leave Penelope Ford behind if she still exists), Marina Shafir, Madison Rayne, Shawn Dean, Leyla Hirsch, Blade and Butcher, although I’d the latter a reprieve if he starts sporting the monocle again. If Tony were to make these cuts, though, the trolls would talk about how the company is going out of business. I also find it comical when he does let contracts expire and he doesn’t resign folks geeks get up in arms. Just the world we live in these days.

Andrew S wants to know…”If Mariah May is the old Toni Storm, then who will become the old Mariah May?”

What’s Taylor Wilde up to these days? Also, Mariah is missing one key element of the Toni cosplay…that being the single line of black paint under one eye. C’mon girl, get your Nikki Sixx on!

Thomas M asks…”Any interest in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire?”

I’m not the world’s biggest Ghostbusters fan, but since it’s showing at the drive in, yeah, I’ll catch it.

David N wonders…”When will Jack Perry be back on AEW”

Yeah, no idea why he’s not back yet. I mean that thing was like what, nine months ago? Could have had a baby in that time! Sure, bring him back. Have Christian give Luchasaurus the boot and come in under his wing. It writes itself!

Lew S sends in the equivalent of the riddle of the sphinx with…”Why you like every aspect of pro wrestling you wrote a book burning two decades ago ?”

I read this like eight hours ago and have been trying to decipher it ever since. So far I’ve failed, so afraid I can’t answer this one. Sorry.

Dustin N wants to make our ear drums bleed by asking…”What’s the worst entrance theme you can think of, besides the RTC and American Males?”

The worst one currently is Nick Wayne’s. Like I legit heard it and thought it was a rib.

It’s completely horrible and I’d respectfully ask I never hear this again.

Romeo N needs to do the math with…”What retro gaming console doesn’t get enough love?”

Seeing as my all-time favorite console game is Tempest 2000, gotta go with the Atari Jaguar. It didn’t have many good games and the horrible ones were some of the most atrocious ever on any system (White Men Can’t Jump, I’m looking at you!), but I’ve been playing Tempest 2000 for over thirty years and it never, ever gets old. Other great Jag games would include Defender 2000 (others hate it, but I absolutely love it), Alien vs. Predator, Doom, Wolfenstein, Iron Soldier, and Breakout 2000, the first (and so far last) game I ever did testing on.

Arya W closes us up with…”Have you ever seen the 1984 pilot Goldie & The Bears, with Hulk Hogan, which was (obviously) not picked up? I’m thinking future Induction material…”

HOLY CRAP. I’d heard rumors of it before, but pretty sure I’d never seen the complete pilot. Yeah, that one will be coming soon!

Like seriously, I am inducting that – always open for suggestions and sending them rightchere is a great way to help them find their way to the site!

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