WrestleCrap Turns 23! Plus WrestleMania questions galore!

It didn’t hit me until last night, one night before, that WrestleCrap was turning 23 years old today. Yes, this silly little website has been around for nearly a quarter of a century! I’ve said it 1,000 times, but this site was never designed to do anything more than to make my friends laugh. Dan, Casey, Merle, and Eric. That was it. I think I was able to accomplish that, but the cool thing is I’ve met so many more friends along the way. Folks I never knew like Blade, folks who I knew from following them like Bryan, and folks I thought I didn’t like such as Russo. It’s been an incredible journey, and with our retooling of the site a few months ago, we’re a long way from being finished. To that I say THANK YOU. Let’s hear what y’all have to say this week.

Johnny C asks…”We all know that what the WWE puts on television is professional wrestling, an act performed by professional wrestlers, so with Vince McMahon rumored to be part of creative again, do you think McMahon’s distaste for words like “professional wrestling” and “wrestler” will come back to the fore?”

I think we’re already seeing that happen. If you pay attention, we are starting to see Vince’s fingerprints once more on the product. Nothing too overt, but I don’t think you need to be a conspiracy theorist to see there are changes being made to bring things back “in line” with his vision of WWE. Will be interesting to see today and tomorrow at Mania if we see more of that.

Ralph A ponders…”What does the physical road to wrestlemania look like?”

Generally it’s chockful of pot holes, but it’s been kinda smooth this year. A speed bump of sorts with whatever is happening with Bray Wyatt, but very few detours. Which is too bad – I like a little more anarchy and unpredictability myself. Makes it all more interesting.

Chad A wants to know…”Biggest waste of talent in wrestling history?”

I don’t know that it’s the biggest waste, but I was always bummed out Waylon Mercy fell apart so quickly. I loved the movie Cape Fear, and thought Dan Spivey was playing it perfectly. Kinda like the original Doink – Matt Borne was incredible, then we got the face turn and he vanished. Total waste there.

Lucas B gives us…”What is the worst stipulation of all time?”

Wasn’t AJ Styles in a match where he had to wear a turkey suit if he lost? We probably inducted that at some point. That kinda thing is great for a weasel like Bobby Heenan, but making AJ look like a buffoon was really dumb.

Aaron M gives us the following provoking question…”Who would win in a fight between “Moppy” and “Pepe?””

Not sure who would win in a fight but I preferred Moppy to Pepe, as that was the apex of Terri Runnels and her half shirt era. Holy smokes. You’re welcome.

Rafique T throws out…”Favorite WrestleMania moment you’ve witnessed live?””

Actually at a show? That would be Bret Hart beating Roddy Piper at Mania VIII. I was a huge Bret fan (still am I suppose) and it was great seeing him get a big win over a legit legend. That Randy Savage-Ric Flair bout was also one of my all-time favorites. Both men played their roles perfectly and it was a rare occasion where I thought Macho was every bit as good as he was in his heel 85-87 run. Just awesome.

Tim P asks…”Do you think WWE should have a gimmick match wing to the Hall of Fame. It basically would be a tongue-in-cheek way of retiring gimmicks that everyone hates. Punjabi prison, buried alive, hogpen match, etc. Could be fun.”

I sure hope so. I have that Katie Vick outfit and I am just waiting for them to back up the Brinks truck for it!

David N queries…”Will Wrestlemania ever eminate from outside the continental US – like London that has been rumoured for a while?”

Is it wrong for me to say, “Depends on when the Saudis buy the company”? Because it would not shock me in the least to see it wind up there before some place like London or Tokyo.

Thomas M ends us this week with…”Will you make WrestleCrap Radio available for listening on the site again? Or any of the videos that were only accessible in the Archives?”

This is a great question. We are definitely working on bringing back pretty much everything that was in the archives and making it accessible to everyone. That was the goal since we did the redesign. So stuff like Rewriting the Book, WrestleCrap Radio, etc. etc. will be returning to the site, just trying to figure out the best way to do it. Here’s hoping Angry Jim and Mike Check still play well in this market. 😉

That’s it for this week…but keep sending in those questions rightchere!

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