Who Killed WCW – Why Are People Still Asking This Question?

Who Killed WCW

Hitting the mailbag once more and it seems like every other question is about the Vice series “Who Killed WCW?” I was pretty sure Bryan and I answered this question pretty clearly 20 years ago (and then updated it all ten years later) with our book The Death of WCW (buy it now, I have a kid to send to college!). But hey, I’m here for the people so let’s dive into it…

Mike M asks the question everyone wants to know apparently with…”Thoughts on Vice’s latest wrestling documentary series?”

I mean, it’s the likes of Eric Bischoff and the gang spinning the same yarns they’ve spun 100 times before about it not being their fault. Eric is very well spoken, and just by that, he has the ability to get people to believe things that are not accurate. Give him credit for that. It’s the world we live in now, where if you tell the same lies over and over, and you do so in a convincing manner, they become fact. Plus as I wrote, very clearly I should note in the book, it wasn’t Bischoff or Russo or anyone else that killed the company in the end. It was an executive in a boardroom who made a decision. Now would that executive in a boardroom have made the decision if the company was still making money hand over fist? Of course not. So the folks involved in destroying the WCW’s popularity MUST take some of the blame. But they won’t and they never will. Tale as old as time.

David B continues…”Building on that – did they contact you to do the show because of Death of WCW?”

No, they did not contact me. Or Bryan. Pretty sure they didn’t call Dave either. Vice has my number, I helped them with Quake’s Dark Side episode as they used old WrestleCrap Radio clips on there. As to why they didn’t, let’s be real – the name “RD Reynolds” doesn’t carry the same amount of gravitas as same “Kevin Nash” and I am cool with that. My lot in life is to simply report the facts and make fun of stupid things in pro wrestling (with WCW that was an easy job). I’m quite content with that, I don’t need nor even want a spotlight on me at this point.

Charles B continues with the continues…”What did you think of the guy evans nitro book? It and your death of wcw are the two required reading wcw books to me.”

I liked it, I thought it was a good read. Very dry, nowhere near as funny as our book, but well researched. Funny story, about five years ago I called Guy and we had a nice chat. He seemed like a super nice guy. We both came to the same conclusion – both the books tell the exact same story but do it in completely different ways. Neither Nitro nor Death of WCW contradict the other. Somehow that is a story folks like to tell as well. When the AUTHORS of the books both agree they tell the same basic story, I am not sure what to say other than “carnies gotta carny.”

Rob L spins us a different direction with…”A random question for sure but I’ve always wondered this since the days of WCR… How long on average does it take RD to actually make it through the grocery store? just wondering if the trip was shorter or longer than the “trip to grocery” segments “

My actual trips are WAY longer than the segments were, definitely. I like to take my time and find completely random and unneeded stuff to throw in the cart. Mrs. Deal loves it when I turn what should be a $20 trip into a $45 one with a bunch of junk I may take one bite of, hate, and throw away!

Arya W is overwhelmed…”Thoughts on the oversaturation of first run prime time wrestling? I’ve pretty much given up on watching anything on a weekly basis because there’s just too much and even I have better things to do with my life than watch 14+ hours of first run wrestling 6 nights a week.”

I watch Dynamite on a weekly basis because I loves me some Will Ospreay and heel Young Bucks are my jam. Everything else I catch up with highlights. As I tell everyone – you do you. Watch what YOU want to watch and who cares what others think. You like Raw? Watch that. NXT? Watch that. Trying to convince the world that your wrestling is the wrestling they should watch is a fool’s errand. Don’t be a fool. Just enjoy what you enjoy.

Ryan G asks…”What does RD Reynolds think of RJ City?”

Most underrated performer in wrestling today – those Hey (EW) shows are gold mines. Don’t believe me, check out the ones with Taz and Renee. And he does a LOT more than what you see there, trust me. I honestly see him leaving the business at some point and becoming a far bigger star outside it, as he has a knack for comedy that could play to a far bigger audience.

Sean B wants to know…”If Uncle Burt was a pro wrestler back in the territory days, would he out style n profile Ric Flair or out promo Roddy Piper?”

God bless Ric and Roddy, but topping the Bandit?

And I think that’s a grand way to wrap up. Keep those questions a comin’ and we’ll answer more in seven.

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