“Macho Man” Randy Savage Sunning Himself on a Corvette…and Your Questions Too!

No, there’s really no reason that I am using that photo for this Mailbag, other than to show that Randy Savage was truly the “Macho Man” in every sense of the word. Getting a tan by laying on top of a bright yellow ‘Vette? Only two words for that – OH YEAH. Let’s answer some questions!

Arya W kicks us off with…”Including TNA and NJPW on Thursdays, there are 15 hours a week of first run, prime time, nationally televised wrestling. Do you feel that’s way too much or does it just feel that way because it’s spread out over 6 days? I imagine the average wrestling junkie isn’t going spent 6 nights a week watching wrestling.”

For better or worse, we live in the Content Era. It’s not just wrestling – look at what’s happening with Disney and Marvel and Star Wars. They just keep pumping out more and more shows and fans are becoming less and less interested. We all only have so much time, and eventually you have to make choices. I remember when Raw went to three hours and pundits rightly noted it would lead to challenges with folks tuning out. Think back to WCW with the debut of Thunder. Same thing there. Honestly at this point, I watch one wrestling show weekly in its entirety and that’s Dynamite because I generally find the show to be good (especially now that Ospreay is there, holy smokes he’s great) and my friends and I chat about it. I catch highlights of anything else. As you rightly noted, it’s just too much and I have other things to do in my life.

Nicholas SP follows up with…”If you had to watch a non aew/wwe show on a weekly basis what would it be?”

Do reruns of Mystery Science Theater count? Because if so, that’s it.

Brian B informs us…”Today I received an offer for debt consolidation. That’s what I got.”

Taylor B beats me to the punchline with…”John Thomas from Chase Meridian Mastercharge LIVES!!!” That was such a great character, I LOVED his interactions with Blade! Man I miss Harry and Blade, they were absolutely hysterical.

Sean B wants to know…”When will you induct the indie horror film Curse of the Wolf, starring Lanny Poffo and the Blue Meanie, to the ‘crap?”

No idea how I’ve never heard of it but it sounds amazing. And the fact that the font work on this is so bad it appears to co-star Pamela STUFF (no no, it’s Sutch) makes it sound even better.

Ryan G inquires…”How do you feel about sponsor logos on ring mats and is there a Trolla product for something like that?”

I honestly have zero issue with it. If anything, it makes the product look more high end, since you see logos everywhere these days. And thanks for reminding me as I need to check in with Trolla Corp, the Hulktrolla is on the fritz again.

The World’s Biggest Stephanie Wiand fan David N asks…”Will this ever happen?”

I mean, I’m kinda shocked it hasn’t already. I’ve said countless times the WWF Hall of Fame is nothing more than a cash grab for the company with random folks thrown in for no real good reason. I for one am longing for the day they decide to induct Katie Vick and come looking for the outfit. As Ted DiBiase says, “Everybody’s got a price.” And as RD Reynolds says, “I’ve got a kid to send to college.”

David W wants to know…”Can WWE make a Wrestlemania outside the USA work?”

Depends on where it is, but yeah, absolutely. I’m kinda surprised they’ve not done London yet, especially with the success AEW had there last year. Would seem to be something where they’d want to one up Tony and do something even bigger.

Simon JL is the voice of reason with…”On a scale of 1 to Invasion storyline, how stupid was that fall into the glass?”

I always think that glass is something you simply do not mess with, even fake glass. As the old saying goes, it goes into business for itself and doesn’t know the script. I rarely agree with grumpy old Phil but he and I are on the same side with this one.

Dustin N wraps us up with…”If Nathan Jones had opted to stay in wrestling, how far do you think he would have gotten?”

I mean, I don’t see him getting to main event status or anything, but he could have milked out a few more years.

And with that horrible joke, I will take leave! Keep sending in those questions and we’ll chat again soon!

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