Indianapolis-WWE Connection, Kevin Thorn, ODB, and Forbidden Door Too!


Crazy amount of wrestling happenings these days. Not to sound like some old timer (but, hey, I am these days so deal with it), but it seems to never ever stop. I’ll be catching Forbidden Door on Sunday and doing my usual real time commentary over on Facebook, so join me over there if you’d like, it’s always a good time. For now though, let’s hit the mailbag and see what I can answer for y’all…

Jim S kicks us off with…”since you’re the Indiana guy, how does it feel with Lucas Stadium getting Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, AND Summerslam in the next year or so?”

I’ve thought about this a bit more and I am actually really happy for the folks around here. I remember what it was like for me to go to WrestleMania VIII and all the memories that came with it. I will actually be doing an induction special on that in the coming weeks as there is a LOT of ground to cover I think folks will find amusing, like when Casey and I nearly ran over The Berserker as he was walking across Meridian Street. True story and yet somehow not even the tip of the iceberg of the insanity of that weekend. Yeah, you guys will like this one.

Oy V wants to know…”Here’s a question. What happens when Jim Cornette watches a Kenny Omega match? He gets V-Triggered!
Wait, don’t close the mail yet, here’s the actual question. You are to book a match with ODB against any female wrestler of your choice EXCEPT Trish (it’s okay, you can make her do a run-in) Who do you choose? “

First of all, I LOVES me some ODB. I thought she was absolutely fantastic. I keep trying to come up with an induction idea for her just so I can go back and watch some of her stuff. Any ideas? As for who I’d book her against…I think it would be a great mishmash to have her against someone tiny, like the original Alexa Bliss in NXT (when she was a pixie or something) or maybe Riho. And if we can have Cody Deaner running around catching chickens that would be appreciated. I didn’t just imagine that did I?

Arya W asks…”If you were booking, who wins? Swerve or Ospreay?”

Said it before, I’ll say it again: you get that belt on Ospreay as fast as you can and push him to the moon. That’s partly me being a huge mark for the guy, but also that he has that “it factor” that connects with the audience so you push him and see what happens. Make it him vs. MJF for the big belt at Wembley. That seems 100% the way they are NOT going, but it would be what I personally would do.

Craig B ponders…”Mordecai the religious zealot or Kevin Thorn the vampire?”

Kevin Thorn. Forever Kevin Thorn. Who doesn’t love the idea of a vampire named KEVIN?

Nick G queries…”It’s a struggle when I’m early enough to ask a question for once – but all I can think of is non-sense.
How long do you think you’d last on Survivor?”

Approximately zero days. I’d ask they reconsider having such a non-survivor on the show and bring Rupert back instead. I think folks would prefer that. Especially, you know, me.

Chad A wants to know…”What’s a gimmick or angle you thought was for sure going to be Wrestlecrap but ended up getting over big? I admit, I thought the 2 Cool/Rikishi dancing gimmick was lame at the beginning but then they became one of the hottest babyface acts in the company for a few months.”

That’s a great example for sure. When I first saw the Acclaimed I thought, “Egads, PN News is back!” And when they added Billy Gunn it became the stupidest thing ever. But little did I know, and the act became really hot. Original Undertaker would be the champion here though – an undead zombie character? How stupid is that? But you can never really tell what will connect with an audience, especially when someone zeroes in and makes that character their own.

Ralph A wraps us up with the most pressing question about Forbidden Door: “Whats your snack line up for forbidden door?”

You know, I’ve been trying hard on my diet of late but these marathon PPVs are just killer for me and by the halfway point I need to eat something. I generally do granola and skim milk. You wouldn’t think that would be too bad but I have a hard time pushing myself away from it and in quantity, nearly anything is bad for you. Here’s hoping I have some willpower on Sunday night. Or that Mrs. Deal hides that granola and we run out of milk.

And with that we close up the mailbag for another week. See you all Sunday night and keep sending in those questions rightchere!

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