Who Killed WCW on Vice, Russo Conspiracies, Overrated Great Wrestlers, and Blade’s Big Announcement Revealed

Had a ton of folks asking me about the new Who Killed WCW series that’s happening on Vice. Make sense folks would be curious on my take, as Bryan and I told the true story of what actually happened to cause the company to implode in Death of WCW. No, they didn’t interview us for the series, which isn’t shocking in the least. It’s much easier for the masses to digest the same folks telling the same stories we’ve all heard a thousand times. Blah blah Time Warner buyout, blah blah not our fault, blah blah bull sh…baloney.

Please everyone, keep this in mind – folks like Bischoff, Nash, etc., they’re all just playing characters in front of you regarding all things wrestling. Jim Cornette too, definitely. I always thought that was patently obvious but more and more I realize that only a very select few understand this. Open your eyes and be one of the smart ones that does. Seriously, after I saw the trailer I texted Russo and told him he should have plugged Death of WCW as a swerve. He said he was kicking himself for not thinking of that. Maybe next time kids!

Chad A kicks us off with…”Don’t you think it’s time for Tony Khan to give Jericho a retirement angle and put him out to pasture? Because he’s been channel changer for me for months and it keeps getting worse, I appreciate him getting AEW on the map but he’s just terrible now, am I off base?”

Your milage may vary (and obviously does), but I am absolutely LOVING the Learning Tree character Jericho is now doing. How many times have we heard stories of veterans giving their ‘sage advice’ to youngsters who absolutely do not want it? I mean, that was the whole crux of the Punk-Hangman fiasco to begin with! That he comes out smiling and thanking everyone so he’s channeling some Honky Tonk Man too. That said, I am fine with him being more a manager/pot stirrer and less in the ring.

Mike M is ready to hit Draft Kings…”Kentucky Derby picks?”

Going out on a limb and saying a horse will win it this year.

Arya W is going to get me in a lot of trouble with…”In your opinion, who is the most “overrated great wrestler” of all time? Like someone who has the reputation of being a great wrestler but seemed to only ever have good matches with people who definitely were great workers. For me it’s Booker T.”

I will just say this – I always thought Curt Hennig was overrated. I’d seen very little of him prior to his WWF run so when he came in I was expecting this world changing wrestler…and I never really saw any of that. Even his matches with Bret Hart I thought were lacking. Obviously at SummerSlam he was hurt so that was understandable that it wasn’t a ***** classic, but they had a lot of other matches that I thought weren’t quite the world beaters I was expecting. I’m not saying he wasn’t really good, just never thought he was great. Had an incredible character, and I absolutely LOVED the vignettes. But to me personally, he wasn’t the all time great others see.

Robert R is combing his old Apter mags apparently…”Will King Haku ever come with crown as illustrated?”

Believe it or not, yes, Jakks Pacific rectified this error back in 2009.

See, now THIS is worthy of a “You Deserved It” chant.

Thomas M wants to know…”During the 2024 WWE Draft, Baron Corbin has returned to Smackdown – should anyone really give a crap about this or is this of zero interest to everyone perhaps a very sad select few…?”

Yeah, I never “got” Baron Corbin like at all. Legit had no idea he was still around. From what I’d heard he was killing it in NXT a couple months back, maybe he should have just stayed there.

Jim S asks…”I’m curious if you too had this in the back of your mind that Vince Russo’s jumping ship from WWF to WCW in 1999 was ultimately part of a scheme by Vince McMahon (and maybe Russo himself). Russo’s reign of terror in WCW has been well-documented but do you think there were some shenanigans at hand in planning to sabotage WCW with Vince Russo?”

That’s a fun theory, but absolutely zero chance of that in any way, shape, or form being factual. He legitimately wanted out of the WWF at the time as he was completely burned out and Vince’s idea of allowing him to spend time with his family was telling him he should just hire a nanny. Presumably not Fran Fine. Which even as much as I love Bobbi Fleckman, I would not approve of.

And we wrap up with the age old question…”What is the story behind Blade and his legendary “big announcement”?”

I’ve hemmed and hawed over the years telling this story, but today’s you’re lucky day. Blade 1000000% had a big announcement, that wasn’t a work, he would tell me repeatedly that he had something in the works. It would change and morph from time to time, so there were actually several different announcements. But the big one I remember was he was planning on launching his very own Mickie James site. As you all know, he absolutely loved that woman. Like LOVED her. He kept coming up with new ideas for the site and thus it kept getting pushed back. He also worked ALL THE TIME at his flooring business, so he had very little extra hours to work on it. Plus that flooring business did incredible damage to his body so when he was done for the day, he kinda wanted to just give his body a break and relax. I’m sure all you folks that work manual labor understand. Every time I see Mickie I always think of Blade. Eh, every time I watch any old wrestling stuff I think of Blade. He was one of my best friends and I miss him dearly every day. I know I am not the only one.

That’ll wrap us up for this week. Keep sending in those questions rightchere and I will keep answering them!

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