What if WCW Won, Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed, Marvel vs. DC, and Taped Fist Hacksaw!

Summer means one thing to me – movie time! And I’ve seen a lot of them of late, including The Flash, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Fast X, and several others I’ve probably forgotten. The thing is I’ve enjoyed them all – sure some have been blasted by critics or even the general populace, but I don’t care. I just want to watch something that entertains me. But now seeing that a lot of ‘blockbusters’ are anything but, it makes me question the longevity of the movie business as a whole. RD Jr. never wants to go to the movies, and seemingly neither do his friends. I asked him about that and he explained that he doesn’t want to see sequels of things he’s never seen before. He brought up Mission Impossible – “I’ve not watched any of the earlier ones…why on earth would I invest countless hours to try to catch up and be ready for this one?”

Sounds a lot like pro wrestling to me. There are so many hours of wrestling on TV now all even I can do is pick and choose. I think Jordan said it best here. A clever one that boy is.

SPEAKING OF CLEVER, let’s hear from the peanut gallery.

Aaron M kicks us off with…”What would the state of wrestling be like if WCW had won the Monday night wars?”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my wrestling fandom, it’s that nothing has ever had the impact of both WCW and ECW dying pretty much simultaneously. It’s crazy that at one time there weren’t just two, but three major wrestling promotions that really had their hooks into fans. That two of them were scooped up by Vince and his cronies for pennies on the dollar – both within the span of a few weeks of each other – is always mind boggling to me. To your specific question, I really think the only way WCW could have “won” the Monday night wars is if they were able to see Vince go bankrupt and buy up the assets of the WWF. Had that not happened, someone else for sure would have as there was incredible equity in the brand. And if they would have bought the WWF, I think the entire wrestling business would have been in the dumps just years later, even worse than what happened with the WWF following the wars. There were just too many bad decision makers in WCW. Someone should write a book at the Death of WCW sometime. 😉

Mike M wants to know…”Are you left handed, right handed, or ambidextrous?”

There was a period in my teens when I was reading a ton of Batman comics, and I believe in one of those issues the point was made that Bruce somehow taught himself to be ambidextrous so to better enable him to fight crime. Believe it or not, I attempted to train my body to do the same. After a good three days of trying, I gave up. I ain’t no Batman. A righty I was born, a righty I will forever be.

Dustin N ponders…”Why did the announcers treat Jim Duggan wrapping his fist in tape like it was an illegal move but no one else did? Also, how did tape really make his punches anymore effective, especially when half the roster taped their hands/fists in some way anyway? Oh, and lastly, why haven’t you inducted Jim Duggan: Taped Fist Champion yet?”

Let’s answer the last question first – someone get me a timeline on when that character happened. That will allow me to induct it and I will answer every single one of those other questions therein. Sound fair? Good. Get me those dates!

James Booker bring us back to comics with…”If you could book a Marvel Vs. DC WrestleMania, what’s your main event and top of the card matches?”

There were a handful of Marvel vs. DC comics back in the 1970s/1980s that I remember. For sure I had this one:

Loved that one. The storyline was fun, the art was fantastic, right in my wheel house. Had a ton of cool cameos in it too!

There was also this one. I never had it, and I don’t think it ever appeared on DC Universe but I could be wrong. Considering the woes both the MCU and DCU have seen of late, maybe such a crossover isn’t out of the realm of possibility? If so, I’d take either of these ones as my main event.

And with that I take my leave this week. Y’all be safe and keep sending those questions in!

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