SummerSlam Weekend, Elite Staying, the WrestleCrap Album, Dark Side of the Ring: BATB 2000, and More!

SummerSlam is here and that’s always cause for excitement. Historically, it’s been classified as one of the ‘big four’ along with Mania, Rumble, and Survivor Series, but these days I have to question if that’s even still a thing. For sure Mania and Rumble are big events, but anytime I look at shows beyond that they always seem to be far in the rearview mirror. Regardless of your views on that, there is no question WWE is hot right now. Had you told someone just a couple years ago the main event of SummerSlam was going to be Roman vs. an Uso, they’d have laughed at you. Now? It’s going to be one of the highest grossing events ever seen. Wrestling is weird like that. SPEAKING OF WEIRD, let’s hit the mailbag and see what y’all are brining my way…

Eric A kicks us off with…”The Elite resigned with Tony. Is that a good or bad thing?”

It’s honestly more of a surprising thing to me. When the rumors were flying that they were at least open to heading to WWE, I thought there was a pretty good chance they’d go. All are wrestling fans, and I think at some level they had to have seen Cody get a rocket strapped to him and thought, “I could be a WrestleMania main eventer” which is something Tony could never offer. With that said, the fact they have a lot more creative freedom along with an easier schedule shifted it more to them staying. Tony had to have offered them a LOT of money for them to sign before even talking with Vince & crew too. For me as a fan, I am glad they are staying – I think the optics of them leaving All ELITE Wrestling would have been very damaging to that company and the best thing that has happened to this business in the last five years has been competition. The more companies that are successful, the better it will be for all of us in the (not so) cheap seats.

Jed S consults his TV Guide and wants to know…”Thoughts on the wrestling episode of Quantum Leap?”

Have never seen it. Wait, was there a wrestling episode that I inducted years ago? If so, I saw that but no others. Shun away.

Al S ponders…”Why did Mae Young give birth to a hand?”

So the legit story behind the scenes is that hands such as those were used as…’pleasuring devices’…in years gone by. I’ve never researched if that is true, but hey, if you want your feeds to be covered with ancient vibrators, have at it and let us know.

Forest G asks…”Roller coaster ride you would do in your fifties?”

I’m 54 and can still happily say ALL OF THEM. A few months ago I was at Universal and did Velocicoaster, Hulk, Hagrid, everything there. Was at Kings Island and rode those as well. Love coasters and will ride them as long as I possibly can.

Ahmer A queries…”Red Rooster vs Satnam Singh…first one to get a crowd response wins. Who do you think comes out on top?”

Are you doubting the ROOSTER BOOSTERS?

Jason C wants to put on his Beats and asks…”What songs would appear on Wrestlcrap: the Album?”

Let’s see…Don’t Step to Ron, Kerwin White’s Frank Sinatra ripoff, Evad Sullivan’s I Want to Be a Hulkamaniac that sounds like people were force to sing it at gunpoint, naturally American Males, and Too Cold Scorpio’s original WCW theme which has the greatest video in the history of the world. Guilty pleasure choice: Rob Conway’s incredible Just Look at Me has to be on there too. Also, Don Callis’ new theme which appears to just be a single off key note held into perpetuity.

Robert R asks…”When do you think was easier time to start a wrestling promotion: When Cornette started Smokey Mountain Wrestling or when All Elite Wrestling started?”

If you decide you are going to start a wrestling promotion, that’s something of a moot point. It’s not when it was ‘easier’ to start a promotion, it’s if you have the foresight and skill to make it successful. There have been a lot of money marks that started promotions and saw them die very quickly. It’s easy to mock Tony Khan (and believe me, I do it too), but if you can’t look at what he’s been able to accomplish and how it’s helped everyone in wrestling get bigger deals and more opportunities, I don’t know quite what to tell you. Cornette tried the same with Smokey but it didn’t work out. That’s not really a knock against him; he had wrestling experience out the wazoo, but not business experience, and that’s a big difference, as is the money the Khans have naturally. In many ways, it’s an apples to bricks comparison.

Rob N wants to know…”Thoughts on the BATB 2000 episode of Dark Side of the Ring?”

I obviously know a bit more about this than most as we researched it for the book (twice!). I’ll just say this: you can make people buy into a lot of things if you are articulate, speak well, and can look into the camera and come across as believable even if what you are saying is completely made up. If you aren’t as well spoken and have a heavy accent, people may think you are dumb and a liar even if you aren’t. Make of that what you will.

Guessing that just stirred up a hornet’s nest, so I will bid you all adieu for now. Keep those questions coming in rightchere!

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