Brandi Rhodes Just Wants To Talk To Jade Cargill For A Minute

Brandi Rhodes Jade Cargill WWE Performance Center

Orlando, FL – Former wrestler and ring announcer Brandi Rhodes was spotted outside WWE’s Performance Center yesterday. According to witnesses, Rhodes was looking to talk with the company’s newest signing, Jade Cargill.

Brandi Rhodes and Cargill briefly feuded during their time in AEW. The feud notably featured Rhodes cutting a biting promo on Cargill. Unfortunately, the feud never saw a proper conclusion as Brandi became pregnant and had to be replaced by Red Velvet.

Rhodes stood outside of the training facility while Jade received training and instruction. Brandi’s eyes remained fixed on the front door for hours, searching for the former AEW star. Waiting patiently for Jade to emerge, Rhodes began stretching and warming up.

“I’m not doing anything. I want to talk to Jade for a minute,” said Rhodes while putting boxing gloves on her hands. “Yup. Just two friends having a little chat. Catching up on old times and unfinished business.” Brandi then placed a mouth guard inside her mouth and advanced towards the doors.

As Jade was leaving the Performance Center, the Nightmare Express pulled in front of the building. Brandi’s husband Cody exited the bus, grabbed Brandi, and pulled her into the vehicle.

“Let me go!” screamed Brandi, legs kicking wildly. “I was just going to talk to her! Maybe give her my recipe for a Five Knuckle sandwich!”

While the meeting between the two has been delayed, Brandi Rhodes is planning to show up to open mic nights in the area in hopes of “talking” with Cargill.

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