Shockmaster, Roddy Piper, AEW, Wrestling Hotlines, and Chuck E. Cheese Robots!

Down to a single page on the calendar (ha, is if I actually use such a nonsensical thing in this digital age!) which means it’s time for some Christmas fun, holiday festivities, and just enjoying life instead of fretting over every little thing. Got multiple trees up, got the blow molds (not SNOW GLOBES, Russo!) out in the yard, had an incredible time last night representing Rupert’s Kids Arcade at a Christmas parade in Shelbyville, Indiana…went to Winterfest at Kings Island and rode a roller coaster in 29 degree weather with my best friends in the world. Yeah, it’s party time. To the mailbag before I dive back into the cookies!

Benjamin P kicks us off with…”Was falling on his face actually a plus for the Shockmaster, in your opinion?
I mean…if everything had gone perfectly, he was still going to be revealed as a guy in a glittery Stormtrooper helmet with the Black Scorpion’s voice.”

It wasn’t at the time at all – it was tough for poor Fred for a few years after that I think. Playing the long game, though, he’s been able to run with it and seems to be living his best life with his wife. They’re getting ready to open a restaurant in Bon Aqua, Tennessee and pretty sure it will have Shockmaster stuff on display.

Good times ahead!

Sean B asks…”Why didn’t you induct Roddy Piper’s US Title run in late 90s WCW at the ‘crap?”

Because…uhhh…I…don’t remember it? I’ll do my research. Guessing that his run as a WWE tag champ also may qualify.

Arya W ponders…”What, if anything, can AEW do to regain their lost momentum?”

It will sound too easy because, well, it is, but they just need a hot angle. They had that with MJF until Adam Cole got injured. That really derailed things in a manner in which I don’t think people quite understand. Had Cole not been hurt, we likely would have gotten to the apex of that angle by now. The devil mask needs to be a major win – if that is a good shock reveal that has people invested, they will be fine. They have an amazing roster. Speaking of, signing Ospreay is something they need to push to the moon. Every single All In ad should have his picture on it, because he will be the key to getting a good crowd back at Wembley I believe.

Nick G follows up with…”Why don’t thy push Keith Lee?”

Like I said, they have a great roster. You can’t push every one at once and that leads to problems as well. I’d argue that it’s time to start a MIGHTY MEAT division with just guys like Keith Lee, Samoa Joe, Hobbs, Miro, etc…but that might lead to another belt and that is the last thing we need.

James B thinks out of the box with…”Chuck E Cheese is getting rid of their animatronic bands. Ever thought about getting your very own robot band?”

I have a hard enough time trying to keep an Addams Family pinball machine going, I can’t imagine trying to keep an audio animatronic rodent running.

Mike M wraps us up with…”Did you ever call any of the 1-900 numbers back in the 90s?”

Why would I spend money on a hotline when I had a free one locally? And it’s HOTT!!!

That’s it for this week…go out and have some fun folks. Remember to say something nice to someone you don’t know and send those questions in rightchere!

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