RD’s Super Bowl Pick, WrestleMania Build, Biggest Star NOT Inducted, and the Greatness of Mrs. Deal!

Super Bowl weekend is upon us, and in the last six games I am a perfect 6-0 on who I think is going to win, while only being I think 1-5 on who I want to win. Going out on a limb and predicting those trends continue. I would prefer to see the 49ers win, but thinking it’ll be all Chiefs in a boring game. Calling it now at 38-11. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong and the game is at least fun. SPEAKING OF FUN…let’s open up the mailbag and see what y’all have for me this week!

Thomas M kicks us off with…”Do you pay much attention to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards? How relevant do you feel they are? I’ve also viewed them as important as they do give the fans an opportunity to voice their opinion – even if the major promotions ignore them (or pretend to). Are there any specific awards you take note of and do you ever hope certain individuals pick up those awards whether they be the positive ones or the negative ones?”

I think the last time I’ve paid any attention to the awards are when I’ve actually won them (Book of the Year, I think twice?). I have no issues with Dave, we’ve always gotten along great, but awards or star ratings are just things I’m no longer about as debating with folks over such things I’ve found to be a useless endeavor. I just like what I like and if others like it too, that’s cool, if not, that’s fine as well. I continue to try to remove anything that angers up the blood these days.

Ryan T is pointing at the WrestleMania sign with…”Given how clumsily the whole Roman/Cody/Rock angle has been re-adjusted so far, why should anyone care about it at this point?”

Because it’s Rock and Roman and Cody and WWE is so hot right now they can do stupid things and it makes no difference to their audience at large. To quote the Brain:

I mean, I am a wrestling fan and I am not sure even I could argue that.

Gary S wants to know…”So I was listening to an interview with Wrestlecrap legend Barry Darsow the other day. In it he said that his original plan for The Repo Man was to eventually turn him face. He even pitched an idea to Vince where he would ‘repo’ the Million Dollar belt to kick the turn off. Initially Vince liked the idea but eventually nixed it. So my question is, do you think there is an alternate universe somewhere where we had a WM match pitting Face Repo v Heel Doink? Surely that would be a licence to print money!”

I should like to live in such an alternate universe. I doubt it would be a license to print money, more likely a license to bankrupt Vince McMahon, which is also a universe I think I’d prefer these days.

Arya W ponders…”Are you and/or the family going to the NBA All Star festivities in Indy next weekend?”

Last basketball game we went to was the Harlem Globetrotters. Kinda made me question the legitimacy of the sport as a whole, so nah, pass.

Chad A wants to know…”Who’s the biggest wrestling star that HASN’T gotten a Wrestlecrap induction?”

Off the top of my head, maybe Gunther (if you don’t include him for this)? I started doing searches on folks I thought would qualify. Here’s who all I thought may have escaped, but have been inducted at some point: Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, Cody Rhodes, Bryan Danielson, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins…it seems no one can escape our grasp!

David N asks…”Best heel and worst baby face?”

Maybe it was this week’s SQUASH of the Week that reminded me how great a heel Sid was. He was also a terrible babyface. Yeah, I’m picking him.

SPEAKING OF Squash of the Week, Sean B wants to know…”When will you put your old PWI friends, like Mad Man Pondo or “Diamond Dan” Garza, in Squash of the Week?”

I really need to find that match Diamond Dan had with Rick Rude. Or the Cactus Jack one. Once I do, I’ll team up with him to get him on this here site.

Marc L decides to end us on a romantic note with…”Best date you and Mrs. Deal had.”

It will sound cliched, but pretty much whatever the most recent one is. I remember some more than others, but honestly I simply look forward to being with her every day. Each day I just look at her and shake my head that I get to be with her. She is truly a blessing from God above and I am thankful for every moment I am with her. Every day is a blessing my friends!

Ain’t nothing topping that. Send in questions for next week rightchere!

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