Least Favorite Wrestlers, Worst Years, Videogame Characters, and the Mystery of Art O’Donnell!

Crazy week here as we’re still figuring out where RD Jr is going to college. So if this week’s mailbag is shorter than usual, that would be why. But enough of my yakkin’ – let’s boogie!!

Thomas M kicks us off with…”You tell us each week that Will Ospreay is your current favourite wrestler, but I am curious to know who is at the other end of the spectrum? Who is your current least favourite and you would make zero effort to watch? And what is it that makes them your least favourite? You can’t stand their character, their booking, their place on the roster, you find they crap on the mic, and in the ring a complete bore? Who is that person…?”

Easy answer is Baron Corbin, but realistically even that guy isn’t horrible to the level of the likes of Dino Bravo or the Warlord. There’s something there, just nothing that has me excited to watch him. But it’s also not bad enough that I want to gouge my eyes out. I guess that’s a credit to today’s crews in that they’re not so awful I am left pondering even a solitary quality of them being in the ring.

Arya W wants to know…”Would you ever induct Bully Ray putting Dixie Carter through a table? Spike TV’s 2 edicts to TNA were no Russo and no man-on-woman violence and then they brought back Russo secretly and spent the summer building to that moment, which was taped right around the time Spike officially chose to not renew TNA. Arguably it’s the death of TNA moment, even though the company still exists 10 years later.”

I’ve said many times that TNA is woefully, WOEFULLY, underrepresented on this here site. I’ll definitely add that to the investigation pile.

Cyndi S keeps the crap flowing with…”What’s the one year that you just dread going through to find material for the site? Me personally would be 2009. There was some stupid bad stuff, but the majority of it was the type of bad that isn’t enjoyable at all.”

It’s a cop out, but 2001. I find that year so very depressing to look back on in wrestling in any way. I’ve that story hundreds of times, when Bryan told me we’d get depressed writing Death of WCW as a golden era was over. He was right, of course. That year started a monopoly era that made wrestling, honestly, not as fun. Were there great moments? Yes. Was it as fun as when there was actual competition? Not a chance. That’s true in any industry. So yeah, 2001.

Ryan T drops in a quarter and asks…”What video game character do you think would be a great wrestler and why?”

Who was that guy in Tekken 3 that did dance fighting? Remember that guy?

Jim S. with this question…”Have you ever met Art O’Donnell in person? If so, what’s he like? Or is he truly the elusive guy that keeps asking how much that guy weighs?”

You know what….he IS the mystery man! Maybe he’s WCW’s mystery man, maybe he’s Raven’s mystery ninja, not sure. But we’ve not met in real life yet. That I know of. Anything’s possible you know!

Kev S finishes up with that age old question….”If Saraya and Swerve in the same house. Whose house is it?”

That’s like the riddle of the sphinx or asking what as in the Baby Doll photos. Unanswerable. And if anyone DOES answer it, they’re liars and just making things up.

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