Fan Appearing On “WWE ThunderDome” Blocked By Other Fan’s Sign

Cape Girardeau, MO – WWE ThunderDome attendee Emmitt Emerson’s Summerslam viewing experience was ruined last night after another fan held up a sign for the entire event.

Despite not actually being the same location, another fan’s sign blocked Emerson’s view for almost the entirety of the event.

“Y’know, I was really excited to be in the audience as part of ThunderDome,” said a still peeved Emerson. “I had my Little Caesar’s Deep Deep! Dish 3 Meat Treat pizza all ready to go when my screen was blocked by a large yellow poster. I practically threw my Crazy Bread across the room. I told all my friends to watch for me and instead they saw some stupid sign.”

Amazingly, the error also prevented Emerson from watching the event.

“It blocked the entire screen,” said Emerson. “Sure, I could’ve just watched on my laptop or phone, but that’s not the point!”

Although the bright sign was visible throughout the night, the poor handwriting made the message difficult to read. WWE officials were able to trace the IP address to 43-year-old Donald Durvis.

“Huh, huh, yeah I held up the ‘Pat McA-pee’ sign,” laughed Durvis. McAfee is currently embroiled in feud with NXT Champion Adam Cole. Neither McAfee nor Cole wrestled at Summerslam, but that did not deter Durvis. “I hope Pat McAfee saw it and got really mad. Because he’s pee and stuff.”

“We’re still working out all the issues,” said WWE production assistant Kelly Thibodeau. “Our number one priority is the WWE Universe and providing the best experience we can. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Fans are currently debating if missing this year’s Summerslam was, in fact, an inconvenience.

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