Hulk Hogan, Heroes of Wrestling 2, Cookie Crisp, Marty Jannetty, WCW Themes, and So Much More!

Wanted to wish the legendary Hulk Hogan a happy belated birthday. By his birth certificate, I believe he’s 70 years old, but since he worked 400 days a year back in the 80s, he may be ten years older or younger, not sure which. Hopefully someone smarter than me can calculate that and send it in so we can all sleep better tonight. In the meantime, let’s hit the mailbag, shall we?

Bob P kicks us off with…”Will there be a Heroes of Wrestling II? If not, how come?”

At first I thought you were referring to those old Legends of Wrestling Games on the PS2 and I was getting ready to say we got like three of those I think. Rereading it of course I remembered Sheik & Volkoff vs. the Bushwackers and Jake Roberts using a snake as his…well…WEINER. Thanks a lot.

As to why we never got another one of those, I mean…is THIS something you want to revisit? Are you one of those women clapping in this clip above?

Ryan T pulls up a chair to the breakfast table with…”Is Cookie Crisp still the worst cereal of all time, or has it been surpassed?”

Again, it’s a box that shows a bunch of cookies in a bowl. What you get instead is an incredibly bland cornmeal concoction that is so horrible they shouldn’t even sell it at Dollar Tree. WORST OF ALL TIME.

Dustin N ponders…”Did you find it as funny as I did that WCW not only would give several wrestlers the same entrance theme at the same time, but would also book those wrestlers on the same show (sometimes even against each other) so you heard the theme multiple times? For example, on the 11-11-96 episode of Nitro, Zero came out to the same song that was used for Miguel Perez after he beat Juventud Guerrera.”

Not only that, they would use music in the public domain as well. So you might see Lex Luger come out to ‘his theme’ that you might see as a background pad for a car insurance commercial later in the show! Reason #7,839 there will never be another WCW. And oh how I miss them.

Mike M goes full downer with…”What was your reaction to the Marty Jannetty Dark Side of the Ring? And what are your thoughts on GAT?”

I thought it was incredibly sad of course. It was clear that while he was never going to be as talented as Shawn, he easily could have made a living in the wrestling business. As for being “God’s Amusement Toy”…God gives everyone chances. And God gave Marty plenty of chances. As the Bible says, you sow what you reap.

Robert R wants to know…”Who were “your guys” when you first became a wrestling fan?”

I really became a regular when I saw my first British Bulldogs match. From there, it was the Hart Foundation and Randy Savage. And for whatever reason, “Leapin'” Lanny Poffo was an early favorite. Of course it was Bobby “The Brain” Heenan that made me a fan for life. He’s still my all time favorite wrestling personality and I don’t see that ever changing.

Benjamin P busts in with…”If poor old Fred Ottman hadn’t fallen on his face, how do you think the Shockmaster character would have developed? Was there any chance at all that he might actually have gotten over? (The sparkly Stormtrooper helmet says no, but still…)”

My rule is that if you were narrated by Ole Anderson with a voice box, you had zero chance. That great thing though is that Fred now leans into it and seems like the happiest guy alive. There’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t post something over on old man social media that makes me smile and laugh. He’s a treasure.

Sean B says hey hey fellow crappers and asks…”What is your favorite song that the tin can to our string, the late Mr. Blade Braxton, sang on Wrestlecrap Radio?”

Every one of them. I can’t possibly choose. And it’s so funny, I was out to dinner with with Mrs. Deal last night, got some fish and chips. They asked if I wanted some malt vinegar and I looked over at my wife with a smirk. She stopped herself from laughing and just shook her head at me and said, “No…no, don’t go there.” I always think about how much I miss Blade, but Mrs. Deal loved him just as much. Just a wonderful friend.

And on that note, I will take my leave. I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead and keep sending in those questions!

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