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It’s been nearly a quarter of a century since I’ve had a hangover. As a rule, I don’t drink. I don’t hold it against folks that do (as long as you keep it in check), but it’s never been my thing. That said, I do remember one horrific event back in the mid 90’s where I got completely smashed and paid for it the next day and then pretty much no mas and went on with my life.

I bring this up because right now I feel exactly like I did back then. It’s weird, because I had a pretty darn good day – I did a 25 mile bike ride (laugh if you want, that’s pretty good for an old geezer like me) and felt like a million bucks. However, I followed it up by watching the Colts “win” what may have been the worst display of professional football I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Pretty much all I could do is tell RD Jr. how awful this team was. Upon hearing this, he asked the following question:

“So why are you watching it?”

I stuttered a bit, stammered, and finally spit out, “I…you’re smarter than I am.”

Let’s hope the folks sending in questions are as well.

Nick G asks…”What would your response be if Tony Khan made you a lucrative offer to provide backstage locker room security at all AEW events?”

I’d show him one of my old matches, say, “see how unathletic I am here? That was back in the 90’s and I ain’t gotten any more limber.”

I’ve had folks ask if AEW is becoming WCW 2000, and you know, I feel it’s more an old territory where egos get out of whack and the promoter just kinda lets the guys “work things out”. I know that type of thing is highly romanticized – the Dark Side of the Ring guys now do a show showcasing it – but in 2022 that just doesn’t seem to fly. I have always thought Tony Khan was a pretty smart guy as he was able to more or less create a promotion from nothing to the second biggest wrestling company in the world in just a couple years, but now comes the real test – can he right the ship when you’re past the honeymoon period? I think he will. I certainly hope he does, as competition always leads to better effort from all involved.

Mike M asks…”Favorite episode of MST3k? Favorite short?”

That literally changes by the day, but my all-time favorite is probably the Mexican Santa Claus movie. We watch that in like June sometimes, and have a giant 27×40 poster of it hanging in our dining room. I also love The Undead, Prince of Space, and of course Manos. Shorts? Too many to count, but at the moment I’d go with Money Talks and naturally Mr. B Natural. She’s hot.

Jed S inquires…”You’re in charge of creating a new wrestling game. But the catch is, it can only be from a promotion that is no longer around. What promotion would it be?”

Wrestling Society X! I am hoping that everyone remembers this as Blade and I used to talk about how awesome it was all the time, but if not, it was a promotion that aired on MTV and featured explosions…CGI explosions mind you! The fact it has been more or less forgotten is a shame, and the idea of honoring it in pixelated goodness warms my innards.

Gary G asks…”You have a plate of spaghetti. You can pick only one sauce. Which sauce do you pick?”

Does chili count as a “sauce”? If so, I’m dumping Skyline all over that bad boy.

If you’re talking straight up traditional spaghetti sauce, LaRosa’s. If you didn’t grow up in Cincinnati, you’re missing out.

Finally, if I can talk Mrs. Deal into making it, it would be her chicken giovanni sauce is top notch.

Man I’m hungry.

Jim C asks…”If you could watch one Wrestlecrap match for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?”

So many to choose from, but I would go with Rebel vs. Shelly Martinez. Specifically because it has Rebel, who I love with all my heart. She’s just a treasure in every conceivable way.

Greg C tests my brain with the following query…”Is it true that Dan Garza’s mustache retired and now lives in the Caribbean with its wife and seven kids?”

Only one way to find out, and I think you know what that is.

That’s HOTT – HOTT!!!!

Time for me to grab some aspirin and clear my head. Until next time, keep sending in those great questions by clicking rightchere!

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