Halloween Wrestling Costumes, 20th Anniversary Death Of WCW, Great Khali, Ken Patera, And What Vince Is Doing RIGHT NOW

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! We had lots of trick or treaters, but would you believe it, not a single one was wrestling related. Didn’t that happen once upon a time in the past? I would have sworn a few years back with had a John Cena Jr or two show up at the door. Didn’t stop me from trying to be my hero, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

I mean, I wound up more “Hollywood” John Tatum, but give me points for trying at least, right? Eh, whatever, let’s hit the bag.

Jack G asks…”What was the most Wrestlecrap moment from your favorite wrestler?”

It may be blasphemy to some, but speaking of Bobby, it would be the three week run of The Bobby Heenan Show. That just missed the mark for me in a pretty major way. I wouldn’t call it crap per se, but it was a pretty major miss in my book as he really needed Monsoon to play off of and not Jameson. Like I said, maybe just me, but nah, that just didn’t work.

Tony D emailed and said…”Is there any chance we might see a 20th anniversary edition of The Death of WCW in 2024? Maybe you could add a new chapter about the debate with Eric Bischoff. “

I actually haven’t talked to Bryan about it at all, believe it or not. I think there’s a possibility, but I’d say it’s pretty slim as these days we both just want to spend time with our families and writing a book is a huge undertaking. It’s too bad Impact continues to exist and dwindle into nothingness, because honestly that would be a fun one to write. Only issue is there would be no real market for it. I could see it selling like 25 copies and that’s it.

James B legitimately wrote…”n recent years i’ve come to realize Great Khali gets some undeserved blame. He wasn’t good, and shouldn’t have been the champion. But he never injured anyone, he took moves from other guys that injured him, and even his botches are things like “he forgot to tap out, he tossed himself over the top rope, etc”. Are there any guys you think got more hate than they really deserved?”

I’m sorry, you lost me at defending the Great Khali. That’s going to take me at least a week to process.

Ahmer A asks…”What do you think Vince McMahon is doing *right now*. I mean, right this moment. Eating chicken with mustard, going to the bathroom, looking out a window at the sky? What’s he doing *right now*?”

Pondering how to get revenge on Ted Turner. And possibly the US government. Not sure which he has a bigger issue with, so let’s call it even and say both. I picture him in a room with giant sheets of paper, red markers, and every other word misspelled. He then takes a bit of his dry turkey sandwich seasoned only with mustard, and starts all over again.

Thomas M inquires…”Do you have any interest in the upcoming movie about the Von Erichs? If there were ever a story that could make one believe in a family curse, their story is it.”

I have loved pretty much every documentary on the Von Erichs. Just an absolutely fascinating story, with bad decision lumped atop bad decision lumped atop poor parenting lumped atop horrible life choices. I can only imagine if you were fans of them and seeing it all self destruct. I became a wrestling fan a couple years past their prime, so I just caught the very tail end of it.

Tyler W asks…”Are you angry that in the AWA episode of “Tales from the Territories” there was no mention of the infamous Hungry Hungry Ken Patera commercial?”

That was legit one of my all time favorite sounds I have ever, ever done for the site. I still laugh outloud every time I think of it. I will never, ever be able to top this and not sure why I even continue to try. In fact, let’s call this bag for now as well. See y’all in seven!

And as always, keep sending in those questions and I’ll keep answering them!

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