Pac, AEW, WCW, And Vince Defecating. I Dunno, You Guys Send In The Questions, Not Me!

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With all that out of the way…

Theodore B writes…Uh what’s up RD again i wuz just wondering about some stuff. When the big WCW stars went to WWE Vince would do little slick shit to diminish there glow. Like when Booker T went “shopping” with Stone Cold, Booker T being treated like a peasant to Triple H, Sting losing at Wrestlemania, WWE changing Goldberg’s theme slightly so it didn’t have the same impact, etc. Do u have any other examples of Vince defacating on ex WCW stars? Uh also 2pac is my favorite artist of all time and i heard that AEW has a wrestler called PAC. Any correlation?

Well, he had them all wear WCW shirts backstage apparently. Nothing says “we’re all in this together” like giving them the equivalent of the scarlet letter to parade around in to remind everyone they were from that “other” company.

As for Pac, every time I hear him announced I always want to run upstairs and coin up my Pac-Man machine. I legitimately thought that’s where he got his name. And whether that’s true or false, I never want to hear otherwise.

OH! And I love how Justin Roberts mutters “he is the…BASTARD” as he’s coming to the ring. Said it before, I’ll say it again – he’s my favorite ring announcer since the heyday of Howard Finkel and no one else is even close. Completely underrated player on the AEW roster.

John M asks…To what extent do you believe Jamie Kellner bears responsibility for the death of WCW, considering everything that had gone on in that company in the past few years? And if you were in Jamie’s position at the time, with everything you know about the history of WCW, would you also have ultimately pulled the trigger, or were there any legitimate alternatives that would have kept WCW alive?

If only someone had written a book about this…hmmm.

I mean, he was definitely the executioner in the scenario. With that said, had WCW been pulling the numbers it was just a few years earlier, it would have been far more difficult for him to decide he didn’t want pro wrestling on his network. The fact WCW was bleeding money due to absurd mismanagement and deciding to do everything they possibly could to tick their fans off made it a pretty easy move.

Oh and if >>I<< were in charge…man, that’s a good question. I had a lot of fun writing Death of WCW with Bryan to be sure and I know that book is something that a lot of folks enjoyed. So while the wrestling fan in me would have wanted to keep it alive, greedy RD would say let’s kill it and write that book. SPEAKING OF…

Alpha the Omega writes…with the lacklustre recent booking and all the backstage drama, how long before you’re writing Death of AEW?

Also can you repost the induction of that stupid WCW game where Rick Steiner yells randomly “it’s not my fault!”.
Loyal(ish) crapper of 10 years. Keep on crappin.
There’s been some head scratching stuff to be sure, but I actually found the booking of this past week’s Dynamite to be pretty awesome. I loved the quick finish in Mox vs. Punk, as it’s not something you see everyday and it made sense. And if the plan remains Punk vs. Mox at All Out, then that leads to a pretty interesting dynamic where hometown hero Punk has to duct tape himself back together whilst trying to regain his belt.
Any peril the company is in isn’t so much from booking but rather from the utter disaster that is this WB-Discovery revamp as it sounds like a complete clown show. They need to get a better TV deal, but it sounds like it may not come from Turner, which could be very bad if they can’t find other suitors.
But the BIGGEST issue the company faces right now is not getting Will Ospreay under contract. They need to do that immediately. Mortgage whoever you need to so as to make that happen, Tony, this guy is the future of the business.
As for reposting old inductions…at this time I’ll simply say stay tuned. Some really fun changes are coming soon to there here parts y’all are gonna totally dig. 🙂
That’s if for this week, but feel free to join the fun by sending in your queries rightchere!

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