The Tribal Chief, Heidenreich, Mount Rushmore of Managers, Punk & the Bucks, and What is Up with the Calendar?

Heidenreich clotheslines The Undertaker

Another Black Friday is in the books! I’ll detail it all on Joker’s Mustache (an absolute steal at under a dollar a week, check it out here), but let’s see….I witnessed a guy in reindeer antlers holding up a check out line by being completely engrossed by a King Tut National Geographic magazine, ate the most chickeny chicken breakfast burrito in history, hurdled over vomit (thankfully not my own), and then nearly got run over by a car in the Target parking lot before Mrs. Deal yanked me to safety and saved my life. Guessing the mailbag won’t be quite so traumatic. And as always, just send in YOUR questions here!

Simon JL asks…”Does The Gobbley Gooker love Thanksgiving or does he fear it?”

Gotta love it! it made him a star that has been talked about for years and will continue to be discussed forever. One of the all time legends in our business!

Christopher F writes…”Do you think Roman can “pull a Rock” and garner up enough fan support to eventually play “the Tribal Chief” as a face? Or has the face! Roman ship pretty much sailed?”

I think that he is so much stronger as a heel it makes no sense to turn him face, like, ever. For some reason I immediately think back to how awesome Roddy Piper was as a heel or Randy Savage was as a heel and while they were good as faces, I personally loved them so so soooooooo much more as bad guys. A lot of times I just look at things as to my own personal enjoyment and say screw the rest of the world and their business. Just entertain me baby!

Rita B asks…”What’s your take on the Bucks and Omega doing all the CM Punk stuff on Dynamite? Is he coming back?”

See the above question and answer. I personally thought it was wildly entertaining and I was laughing my head off as Matt Jackson was doing everything possible to incite the crowd that wanted them dead as they came out (and ironically were chanting “this is awesome!” by the end). With all that said, I don’t see the endgame here other than making folks like me howl. For everyone who thinks this is a sign that for sure Punk is returning, I’d advise you seeing how the WWF treated Bret Hart immediately following Montreal. They were making all kinds of references to him, and of course he never really returned until many, many years later and it was something of a moot point by then. The best possible thing for AEW would be for them to somehow mend fences and make it work, but I just don’t see that happening.

Sean B inquires…”If you made a Wrestlemania of bad matches, what’s the card?”

Vince already furnished that for us with WrestleMania IX. I pretty much hated that show, so much so in fact that on the first WrestleCrap book, 75% of the photos on the cover were from THAT EVENT. And I didn’t even do anything about Hogan stealing all of Bret’s thunder, which was by far the most heinous thing there!

Thomas M asks…”I want to know what the real deal is with WWE announcer Michael Cole and former WWE employee Heidenreich. You know what I’m talking about.

Oh I know what you are talking about. I wish I didn’t, but yeah, I remember that like it was yesterday. That’s one of those cases where you write for Vince and attempt to make him laugh, which I promise he was doing heartily. No one else was, but hey, gotta make the boss happy sometimes.

Chad A wants to know…”Who’s on your Mt. Rushmore of wrestling managers?”

My easy answer is “four heads of Bobby Heenan”, but guessing that would not really satisfy your request. So let’s go with Heenan, Paul E., Cornette, and Miss Elizabeth. I’d advise the sculptors to have Liz looks like WCW Liz and Heenan’s head to be four times the size of everyone else’s. Also Cornette’s to be much smaller than the others so he’d have more material for his gimmick (that is so clearly a gimmick but no one seems to have figured that out yet).

Danny R asks…”There is a world hiding seek contest where the winner who is not found the longest gets crowned the greatest hide and seeker of all time(with a monetary prize). Who wins? Bigfoot, Carmen Sandiego. Waldo, DB Cooper, Loch Ness monster, or even Elvis Presley.”

Stealing Patrick M’s line about it being John Cena. That’s way funnier than anything I could ever come up with.

Quincy B finishes up with…”Ok, what’s the deal with the calendar?”

I assume you mean this little doohickey:

Rest assured, you will know starting this Thursday. 🙂

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