Nailz, Colts, Vince Being Honest, Punk vs. Elite, Clowns vs. Zombies vs. Mimes, And The Legendary Silo Sam!

The weekend is upon us once more and you know what that means – type to dive head first into ye olde mailbag!

Let’s see what goodies await us…

Chad E writes…”What would’ve been better: Undertaker vs Nailz or Warrior vs Nailz?”

Seeing as you didn’t specify how they would be contesting one another, I picture a battle rap. This being the case, I can see in my mind’s eye Warrior vs. Nailz being superior.

I also envision it being 45 minutes long and me not understanding a single thing Warrior says.

Mike M asks…”You can ask Vince McMahon ONE question, and he has to answer truthfully. What do you ask him?”

That is a fantastic question, one of my all-time favorites in fact. So many things swirling in my head, from simple stuff like “favorite wrestler?” or “best match?” to “Kevin Dunn, seriously?” Digging in deeper, I’d love to find out what inspired the creation of the Undertaker. Maybe drill down on Montreal or the rise of Steve Austin.

Oh who am I kidding, we all know what it would be: “What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?”

Blade would like that.

Kev S asks…”Who would win in fights Clowns vs Zombies?”

The real question isn’t clowns vs. zombies, it’s clowns vs. mimes. And SPEAKING OF CLOWNS VS. MIMES…did I mention I play an evil mime crime boss in a new film that is premiering this week?

I’m even on the movie poster!

(Yes, that’s me on the very top left.)

Ron M writes…”Did you for a second think the Punk-Elite situation was a work because you, like me, have PTSD from the Monday Night Wars and “working the smarts” was a grenade that constantly went off?”

One-hundred percent thought it was a work that night, simply because you don’t go off like that in front of cameras and it is NOT a work. The whole thing made zero sense, specifically with the microphone not being yanked away and the feed being cut. I know folks like to bag on Tony Khan for not doing that, but keep in mind this was happening in front of him live and I am sure he wasn’t quite sure what to do. AEW has only been around for a few years and in so many ways he’s still a rookie to all this.

He’ll learn. He’ll learn.

Quincy B asks…”Dude, your Colts were supposed to at least be decent this year, but they’re the laughingstock of the NFL. How did this happen and how embarrassed are you?”

I’m not, like, at all. If anything, them being absolutely awful makes my life way less stressful because I can shake my head and laugh at them and also do something more productive on Sundays than getting emotionally involved in the games.

As to how it happened, that’s pretty simple – their offensive line is the highest paid in the entire league. Also, their offensive line is currently the worst statistically in the entire league. That’s not exactly a winning combination. I hope the IPDB has extra officers at Lucas Oil this Sunday because what Mahomes and the Chiefs do to these clowns will likely be just short of murder.

Ken N. writes…”Better hillbilly….Uncle Elmer or Silo Sam?”

Uncle Elmer gave us trough fulls of horrendous promos terrible matches.

Silo Sam? He gave us THIS:

Is this even a question?

I think I too shall stick my head out of the sun roof and head on down the road. In the meantime, keep sending in those great questions by clicking rightchere!

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