Memories Of Blade And Maffew

As I write this I am waiting to catch a redeye back to Indianapolis from Vegas. Out here for work, and sitting with a buddy trying to explain what WrestleCrap is. Imagine trying to do such a thing. As we talked, I brought up Blade and it hit me…I think the last place Blade and I were ever physically together was in Vegas for Starrcast. I started to get pretty darn depressed, but then once more reminded myself of how truly blessed I was to know him all those years. To have a great friend all those years. Nothing is forever, and we should cherish every single moment we have with our friends and loved ones.

To that end, I am going to forgo the mailbag this week. Don’t fret, it will be back next week. But tonight I want to share a story of my time with Blade when I was here that week. The night before I flew out to the event, I was in my closet looking for wrestling magazines to bring out to the show. For whatever idiotic reason, I had a picture frame taken apart with the glass fully exposed. Glass, meet leg. RD, meet emergency room. Twenty four stitches and several hours later, I was home and wondering if I could hobble out to the show. I decided there was absolutely ZERO chance I was going to miss this.

I got out to the show and I was checking in, I ran into Maffew of Botchamania fame. We had met in person at the prior Starrcast, and we got along famously. He was such a great, great person and I consider him a true friend. As much as we hit it off, I think he and Blade were even more kindred spirits.

Whenever those two were together, there was just this unbelievable glow, this spirit that just writing about makes me smile. Seriously I see that photo, this ridiculous photo with Blade in full Midnight Rose mode and Maffew in his absurd “USA” shirt and I can’t stop laughing. But the funniest thing those two ever did together was out in Vegas one night on a drunken binge.

So Starrcast would have events where fans could meet wrestling personalities. One of the offer types would be to have a meal with a star – for instance, “Breakfast with Jimmy Hart”. Now make no mistake, we all knew we weren’t as famous as someone like that, but we were booked for the show, right? And Maffew was a pretty well-known guy, more than us at that point for sure. Regardless, we decide to create our our meet and greet:

There was this incredibly seedy place kinda off the strip that boldly advertised the incredible combo meal of a quarter pound hot dog with a Michelob for just three bucks. We saw that and laughed our fool heads off, and we knew – KNEW – if there was ever a “meal” Blade would endorse, it would be this one!

I miss my friend so much. I think I am going to sign off now and see if that place is still around. Until next time we meet, cherish your friends and family. Give them a hug. I’ll join back up with you all next week.

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