Your Questions about the All-New All-Old WrestleCrap Answered!

Before I even start…THANK YOU. I cannot possibly say enough about all the positive comments we’ve gotten on the relaunch. It seems as though everyone loves the new version of which is awesome, as we worked very hard to get it up and running for y’all.

With that in mind, a little different version of the Mailbag this week, as we’ve gotten a ton of questions regarding these fancy new digs so let’s answer them as best we can. And as always, feel free to send more questions my way by clicking rightchere!

So here goes!

Where’s Rewriting the Book? Where’s the WrestleCrap Radio stuff? Where’s something else that I saw on the older versions of the site that I am not seeing now?

Two words: they’re coming. Basically anything that has been on a prior version of WrestleCrap will be showing up here. We just wanted to get everything we could up as soon as we could to ensure everyone got a nice little surprise going into the holidays. So yes, stay tuned as more is on its way.

There are lots of images missing, some sounds too. S’up with that?

Yeah, those are coming too. We know we have quite a bit of stuff still to clean up, and we are working on that as quickly as we can. Your patience is definitely appreciated with that!

Russo…VINCE RUSSO…what on earth are you thinking? I HATE that guy!!

I know a lot of people will not be happy with me saying this, but Russo is a good dude. As you might suspect, our views on professional wrestling are radically different, but if the guy wants to come on here and defending the lunacy he presented to the world at large, I say let him go for it. After all, we do have a spiffy new comments section with which you can reply. Speaking of which…


Yep, the new comments section is running on Disqus. The older version of commentary we had was out of date and we were always running into issues behind the scenes with it. So we’re going with something that we feel will give us a bit more flexibility and stability.

What’s next?

All I can say is 2023 should be a really fun year for everyone. We do have a few fun things on the horizon and we think you’ll dig them. We ask but one thing: let folks know about! There are probably a lot folks out there that either don’t know what we’ve done or have never been to WrestleCrap in the first place. If you can help spread the word we’d certainly appreciate it!

With that said, I bid you all adieu. Our annual horrible Christmas movie induction hits the site this Thursday night, so be sure to check back in for that fun!

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