Confused Barbarian Attends ‘Barbie’ Premiere

Barbie movie premiere featuring The Barbarian

Los Angeles, CA – Moviegoers were surprised to see former WWF and WCW star The Barbarian walking the red carpet at the ‘Barbie’ movie premiere this past weekend.

Due to a mix-up, The Barbarian was issued an invitation to the star-studded event. Despite this being his first Hollywood premiere and not knowing why he was there, the wrestler made the most of a confusing situation. Being led around by a helpful assistant, he conducted an interview with Access: Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter, and E!.

The former Powers of Pain member also awkwardly posed for pictures alongside stars Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell. Sporting his trademark antlers, skulls, and a hot pink fur pelt made specially for the event, Barbarian flexed and posed. At one point, he bodyslammed a paparazzi for getting too close Simu Liu.

Eventually, the wrestling powerhouse joined the rest of the group for a screening of the summer blockbuster. Insiders reported seeing the one half of the Faces Of Fear laughing heartily at the movie’s comedic moments and dabbing his eyes during the emotional finale.

Fans are hopeful The Barbarian appears in the inevitable sequel, Barbie 2: Skipper Strikes Back.

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