Undertaker And The Streak, Drew McIntyre, Accidental Moves, Dating And Pro Wrestling, And The Legendary Paul Lynde!

Another weekend is upon us, and this one should be…interesting. I have a fifty mile bike ride ahead of me helping RD Jr. get his cycling merit badge as he pushes on to Eagle Scout status. Won’t lie, I am more than a bit nervous as I have never in my life ridden that far. I did do a 25 mile a few weeks back and had no issues with it, but looking to double it up? Guess we’ll see how good of shape papaw is in, right? Enough of stuff you probably don’t care at all about, let’s open the bag and see what goodies await us…

Daniel M writes…”Looking back at The Undertaker’s earlier WrestleMania matches way before the streak got going, both Jake the Snake & Diesel were on their way out. As it was the streak that gave him such longevity as he was winding down my question is. Do think ‘Taker would have lasted as long as he did if he had lost both of those matches but eventually won the feuds say gaining revenge at SummerSlam?”

It’s kinda staggering how much the company lucked into the vaunted streak, as everything I’ve ever been told is that there was no real plan for that and after like ten years someone noticed it and decided to build upon it. Taker was one of Vince’s all-time favorite creations, so I think he would have been around for a long, long time. WrestleMania wouldn’t have been as big of course, but Mark did such an incredible job with that character for sure it would have lasted, streak or no streak.

John N ponders…”Will you and Vince Russo discuss the villany that is “The Scout Master” on an upcoming Jokers Mustache?”

I am 90% sure we did discuss how Paul Lynde was never on the show. He was definitely a product of that time and it’s kinda a tragedy he never showed up. Guessing if the show lived a bit longer he would have made it, as would others of the era. Really sad we never got Charo. We need more Charo. Always more Charo. CHARO.

Matt B asks…”So, with Drew McIntrye saying he came up with the Claymore Kick on accident, what other moves do you think were created due to an accident?”

I look at something like the Canadian Destroyer that is so absurd and defies every type of logic that I have to believe it was accidental. Looks cool for sure, but my brain just says “Um, no” to it.

Pablo M begs…”Can I have 10 grand please?”

Get me your address, and I will send you 100 Grand. (They still make these, right?)

Tony N asks…”Judging by his uncanny ability to bury things in a dry manner, how would Al Michaels fair in 80s WWE?”

This comes from the fact that Al has contemplated retirement after watching that terrible Colts-Broncos game. The fact the next game was a 12-7 Bears-Commanders disaster has to have him filing paperwork. Not sure where Al would do well in pro wrestling, but for sure it would NOT be WWE. I would say I’d love to have him in AEW, but would fear he may wind up the same as Jim Ross, who I never, ever need to hear from again. Crusty old man mocking terrible football is fun. Crusty old man mocking generally good pro wrestling is no fun.

Jed S inquires…”What’s your top 3 movies you’d love to see get the MST3K/RiffTrax treatment?”

Ah, I never get tired of MST3K/Rifftrax questions! Let’s go with…Fantastic Four (Roger Corman version), Birdemic 2. Yes, they made a second one, and despite the fact I absolutely love the original, I’ve never seen it (and yes, I’ve heard all the criticisms of it). The third thing I’d love them to do isn’t a movie but would be a ton of fun – old Macy’s Thanksgiving Parades! Those are such incredible looks into pop culture of any given year. Always a highlight when they cover them on the Purple Stuff Podcast!

Mike M asks…”How many dates into a possible relationship until a guy should mention that he’s a pro wrestling fan?”

When I was in college on summer break, I met a girl that was just breathtakingly beautiful – ironically her name was Elizabeth. I remember her coming back to my place and me being incredibly worried that she was going to see posters of Bret Hart and others and think what on earth is wrong with this guy. Thankfully, she was cool and that didn’t happen. In hindsight, I don’t know that any girl I ever dated was totally turned off come to think of it. Have to believe if a girl is interested in a weirdo like me (or likely you, no offense of couse), pro wrestling probably won’t kill interest.

Not sure I can top that one, so let’s call it a day. Fun stuff coming up on the site you guys and gals are going to love, so stay tuned and keep on crappin’!

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