Underrated Feuds, Boulders In Restaurant Windows, Cornette vs. RD, Crap That Wasn’t, And What I’ve Learned Watching Cobra Kai

October is here! It may not mean much to you, but for me we’re hitting the zenith of the entire calendar year: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas all in the span of the next 90 days. All that and SURVIVOR SERIES! Remember when that event actually meant something? And when it took place on Thanksgiving day itself? Folks like me that are as old as dirt do!

Enough with the blah blah, time to open the sack…

Mike M writes…”Have you ever been so hungry that you wanted to heave a boulder through a McDonalds window?”

I’ve been mighty hungry in the past, but never to that level, and never ever in a million years to McDonald’s. SPEAKING OF MCDONALD’S…have I ever told y’all the story of being vetoed a McChicken with cheese? I was never a huge fan of McDonald’s, but one day when I was in college I was starving and figured I’d just get something there. Went up and ordered a McChicken, add cheese. Was told they would not do that for me. I asked if they sold McChickens. Was told yes. I asked if they had cheese. Again, affirmative. I was told though that combining these two items was FORBIDDEN. After this happened, I refused to go to McDonald’s for the next fifteen years.

I’m really glad I’ve learned to not be a total nutcase. McDonald’s ain’t worth all that.

Chad A queries the following…”Most underrated feud ever in wrestling?”

It may not be underrated per se, but Jerry Lawler vs. Bret Hart is one of my all-time favorites and seemingly no one ever mentions how great they were together. I also think Bret vs. Austin is one of the three best feuds ever (I liked it more than Rock vs. Austin) and it gets brushed aside far more than it should, especially in comparison to Bret vs. Shawn. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I’d take Lawler-Bret or Austin-Bret ten times over Shawn-Bret.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Bret Hart?

Austin C asks…”Is there someone that, upon first glance, you were like “This is DEFINITELY going to end up on the sight…” who ended up surprising you by how not-crap they were?”

The Acclaimed! When I first saw them, all I could think was Oscar would eat your lunch ya dorks. I will never forget when Mrs. Deal was somewhat paying attention to Dynamite one week and she looked up from playing Sims 4 to tell me she thought Max was great. I saw that and thought, “This woman who pays zero attention to wrestling is a huge fan…maybe they are onto something.” A few months later, they wound up one of the biggest acts in the entire company. And she was right.

Ahmer Ali delivers our next conundrum…”I might have submitted this before, but here goes: When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside, I don’t feel like I have to be a man, and it actually helps me to hide. Is that wrong?”

After being told to watch Cobra Kai by about a zillion people, I finally started digging into it this week. And it’s even better than I was told. If Sensei Johnny heard this from you, he’d punch some sense into you. I would bow to him as he did so, then clean the dojo’s windows in whatever the easiest manner possible was.

Johnny C writes…”As you’re friends with Vince Russo, how do you think Jim Cornette would react if you crossed paths with Jim at a convention?”

The funny thing with me is that very few people I’ve ever met truly seem to despise me. I am not sure why that is, but it just kinda works out that way. Russo used to hate me, now he considers me family. At one time Oscar wanted to kill me, now when we see each other we shake hands and laugh. Even Bischoff thought I was funny behind the scenes. So my guess is Cornette and I would get along just fine. That or he’d act like he hates me to maintain his image.

Pretty sure he does that with other people, like, a lot.

Chris L asks…”How many letters does a mailbag hold?”

This week it looks like six. Next week may be it will be more. Maybe it will be less. You’ll just need to check back in and find out!

And there you have it – the single worst teaser in the history of the English language. Whatever, just keep sending in those great questions by clicking rightchere!

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