The Lybian

The Lybian

In life they say there are two certainties – death and taxes. Well, the wrestling world has its own set of certainties and this week’s Jobber Of The Week falls into one of them. That being if the US Government is having problems with another nation, expect to see a foreign wrestler from that nation show up and get his ass kicked by an American.

The year was 1986. President Reagan had begun to crack down on the Moammar Khadafi-led Libya. As U.S. aircraft headed south to handle their business with Moammar, a new foreign menace would appear in the rings of Bill Watts’ UWF. Everyone would prepare to shudder in fear of …..The Lybian??

You almost had to feel sorry for the poor oafish looking invader. I mean, really – could Watts have given the guy any more of a generic name? Most foreign baddies at least would rate an “assassin” or “nightmare” nickname. For poor old Libby’s sake, yours truly will finally give him a nickname he deserved. The Lybian Lousehead, so named for his penchant for scratching his head like a man in desparate need of a quality shampoo and conditioner.

Since poor Libby had a generic name, it was only appropriate that he would showcase mediocre, off-brand wrestling skills. The Lybian did excel at one thing though: imitating a tackling dummy for his frequent opponent, Hacksaw Jim Duggan. One match would see Libby get speared and pinned before even extinguishing the lit cigar he had in his mouth.

After a rough year of not even winning a single match, the Lybian would vanish by 1987. The wrestling world, and the U.S., would turn its attention away from Libya and to other nations.

But where is the Lybian now, you ask? Well, a few doors down from Dusty Rhodes’ mythical “Paywindow,” is the “Evil Foreign Wrestler” unemployment line. It is there where Libby, along with all the other outdated Russian and Cuban wrestlers of the past, chat about the old days of being America’s number one enemy.

And saving a spot in line for the future arrival of La Resistance.

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