Mr. X (TNA)

TNA seems to be the home for any type of WrestleCrap. Whether it’s wrestling penises, barbed wire Christmas trees, or nonsensical angles that take more than 1000 words to explain, TNA has it. So it was just another day in the (lack of) Impact Zone when Kevin Nash got a X-Division Tune-Up match with our Jobber of the Week, Mr. X.

Ok, I know what your thinking. How could Danny Davis still be wrestling as Mr. X? Well, sorry to dissapoint, but this wasn’t Danny Davis. No, THIS Mr. X was your basic run-of-the-mill hooded midget. Thankfully, we did not see the footage of him warming up for this bout, which would have featured him punching the clown to pictures of Christy Hemme, no doubt while in a trash can. After all, that’s par for the course for the little folk in TNA.

The plotline here was that Alex Shelley told Nash that he found a wrestler that looked like and acted like Chris Sabin. Let’s do a comparison shot, shall we?

Yeah, I could totally see a comparison between these two. I mean, just look at the ring gear. Still, Mr. X. should be grateful he didn’t have to wear an alien head on his crotch. And according to Kevin Nash, that area is alien to most women when it comes to Chris Sabin.

As the match started, Big Kev just held his diminutive foe’s head, and played with him a little bit. I never want to write that about Kevin Nash again. Ick.

Anyway, he held him for a while and then decided to knee him, club him, and give him a midget chokeslam, thus setting Big Kev up for his highest flying move ever:


Not only that, it warranted a This Is Awesome chant from the Impact Zone Faithful. A Jacknife powerbomb later, it was all over. And our Mini Mr. X was never heard from again.

But wait, what happened between Kevin Nash and the X-Division? Well, near Bound for Glory, he decided to help out the division, by trying to establish some personality into the division. To be honest, some stuff didn’t fly. However, we do have Kevin Nash to thank for this guy.


Now, seriously…how can anyone hate Kevin Nash?

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