The Intruder

In a few weeks at Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels will go one on one with the almighty Mr.McMahon. After facing Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam this past year, and with the meeting with Vinnie at the “biggest stage of them all” approaching, it seems Shawn has now faced off with almost every big name of his era (excluding the Rock). Now, obviously some of the 5-star wrestling fans may cringe at the idea of the almost 100 combined years of age these guys are bringing into the ring with them at Mania. For those of you out there who long for a simpler time, say, back when Vince was just a mere mortal ring announcer, and way before Shawn took up the hobby of dressing like Nicole Bass’ twin brother….

Well, you’re in luck. Today we’re gonna take a look back at a young Shawn Michaels, as he, along with Marty Jannetty, stepped into a WWF ring for the first time and came face to face with this week’s Jobber Of The Week. Lock your doors and take cover, because here comes the dreaded Intruder!!!!!

When the Rockers, Shawn and Marty, entered the ring for their initial WWF Wrestling Challenge taping in June of 1988, they immediately saw one all too familiar face. It was the ugly mug belonging to veteran jobber Iron Mike Sharpe. By his side, was someone not so familiar looking. His name – the Intruder. Now, I don’t know how he gained this nickname, or what exactly he was “intruding” on, but judging by his short and portly build, my money is he was intruding on the copyrights of these guys….the Weebles.

Unlike said Weebles, the Intruder eventually fell down. Even Iron Mike’s famed armpad couldn’t save his partner, as the Rockers showcased some of their innovative doubleteam moves and quickly put the Intruder away.

After wowing the crowd, it was obvious Shawn had a bright future ahead of him. But what about our lovable masked jobber? Turns out he decided a life of intruding wasn’t the way to go. Jesse Hernandez, the man behind the Intruder mask, first made his debut in California in the early 80’s. After stints in Mexico and the US as one half of the masked Friars, he made his way to the WWF where he would make occasional appearances wrestling as the both the Intruder, and using the name Jesse Cortez. He also spent some time as a referee, highlighted by an appearance on the WOW Unleashed PPV.

These days, Jesse runs the Empire Wrestling Federation, based in San Bernadino, CA. And despite the losing ways of his Intruder character, as a pro wrestling instructor Jesse has been nothing but a success, as some of his former students include Louie Spicoli, Melina, and everyone’s favorite makeup wearing drag queen – Rico.

I wonder what Jesse thought when Rico hit the bigtime, and became an “intruder” himself? A poopshoot intruder, that is.

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