High Voltage

High Voltage

Today I thought I should take it upon myself to tell everybody about the dangers of electricity. Being that yours truly makes a living in the construction business, I know full well the potential hazards electrical work brings. When it comes to messing around with it, I call in the pros. However, there used to be one form of electricity that was absolutely harmless to anyone who came in contact with it. A current so weak, the old batteries in your little brother’s Gameboy could be more deadly. That force was this week’s Jobbers Of The Week, High Voltage.

One of the first graduates from WCW’s Power Plant, the team of Kenny Kaos and
Robbie Rage (God, I love alliteration) would make their wrestling debut in 1996. Upon first glance, the scariest thing about them was not their hideous day-glo orange or green tights. No, it would be what they do on their way down to ringside. They would touch each others hands,making it seem like they were shocking each other. It looked less like that and more like they were sharing some sort of otherworldly homoerotic orgasm that would make the American Males jealous.

Malebonding aside, once they got into the ring fans would be witness to perhaps the most inconsistant tag-team ever. They would look promising while defeating fellow jobbers like Disorderly Conduct, then go on a two month losing streak jobbing to teams like the infamous Renegade/Joe Gomez combo. Not so promising.

They would be frequently seen staring at the lights for the next few years on WCW Saturday Night and Worldwide until injuries to Rage would force Kaos to go solo. After months of losing, Kenny would get his fleeting moment in the sun. Current holder of the tag-team titles, Rick Steiner would find himself partnerless. He would pick Kaos to be his partner and co-holder of the belts. Imagine Kenny’s joy, he was finally a champion. Imagine his horror when Steiner would change his mind the next week and decide he would rather have an obese, middle aged woman as his tag team championship partner. That’s right, Kaos was dumped for Judy Freakin’ Bagwell! You know, when a company picks a one-trick pony of a joke like Buff Bagwell’s mom over you, the writing’s on the wall.

After a small feud in early 1999 which would see a jealous Rage return from injury and turn on Kaos, WCW would make the final, fatal call. It was time to disconnect High Voltage permanently.If you would like any further information on the team of High Voltage, please consult your local electrician’s handbook and look up the phrase “power failure.”

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