Well Dunn

You know your ship is sinking as a wrestling company when you start creating characters based on food preparation techniques. But such was the case when the WWF created the tandem of Timothy Well and Steven Dunn. Get it? They’re Well Dunn!

Except, of course, they weren’t well done at all. In fact, they pretty much stunk, like a piece of rancid meat.

I mean, sure, they tried to play the part as heels. Dunn (who had wrestled throughout the Pacific Northwest as Steven Doll) would blow kisses at his opponents…

…and Well looked like a complete and utter tool in his bow tie and lips get up. In fact, their ring outfits alone were enough to ensure a stay in the annals of crapdom, as they not only had neon bowties…

…but they also had thongs stitched to their tights. Now if the WWF was trying to get them over as poorly dressed…ummmm…gay lovers or something, that’s their prerogative, I suppose.

But even with heat machine (and by machine I do mean vacuum) Harvey Wippleman by their side, they really never stood a chance. Let’s face it – when your leader is a guy whose greatest claim to fame is becoming a drag queen to win the WWF women’s title, it’s time to pack it up and head home.

Which is exactly what they did shortly into their WWF tenure. The WWF, unimpressed by their shoddy outings, let both guys go before even making it to the midcard.

To put it in their terminology: “they were done – all’s well that end’s well.”

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