The Road Warrior

road warrior

WWOW Presents: The Road WarriorText ByMadison Carter

Ladies and gentlemen, The Village People…

The whole “bad-ass” gimmick just wasn’t the same back in the early 80’s. Most of the guys trying it just came off looking like dorks. Take this guy, for example. Nothing says “Blue Oyster Bar” more than his outfit. While the fans’ attentions were pulled towards more “exotic” gimmicks like Adrian Street and Adrian Adonis, this guy walked around plain as day, and no one even gave his gimmick a second thought.

But enough of the innuendos. This guy, who obviously had some questionable tastes in clothing in 1982, would later hook up with a tag partner and a manager, and would become a legitimate bad-ass a couple of years later.

Yes, folks. That’s Animal of the Legion of Doom. Before the make-up. Before the spiked shoulder pads. Before the leather….well, maybe not. Anyway, before hooking up with the late Road Warrior Hawk, Animal ran around solo, and in some pretty embarrassing get-ups. No wonder he went with face paint and a mohawk; he had to hide from people who remembered what he USED to look like.

Thankfully, Animal didn’t last as The Road Warrior for long, and soon enough, history was born. But just for one minute, just imagine if he had teamed up with Hawk, and they decided to keep THIS outfit?

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