The Berzerker

The Berzerker

John Nord had one of the most unusual (note I said UNUSUAL, not GOOD) gimmicks I have ever seen – that of a Norse Viking. In fact, during his early days in the Federation, he was simply known as “The Viking”. After that failed to get over, Vince retooled the gimmick and Berzerkermania ran wild.

Or maybe not.

Nord actually worked mostly out of the old AWA before coming to the WWF in the early 90’s. Some of his gimmicks there were actually worse than what Vince gave him, including a stint as a Bible thumping good guy. I’m as religious as the next guy, but any gimmick that involves the Lord always stinks (see Brother Love, or Jake Roberts, the sober years). There should always be a separation of church and ring.

Back to the Berzerker. He would come out in a blue or brown cloth outfit, with a stereotypical Viking helmet. You know, brown, fur covered, with two big horns coming out of each side. Throw on a leopard skin loin cloth, and he could been as the “Grand Poobah” of Flintstones fame.

He would also carry a sword with him on occasion. He never actually cut anyone with it, though he did one time try to drive it through the Undertaker’s heart.

Thankfully, he failed.

He would also yell out “HUSS! HUSS!” at random intervals before, during, and after his matches. He would often throw himself backwards onto the mat for no reason (other than, presumably, he was ‘berzerk’). Oh yeah, and he would throw opponents over the top rope, preferring to win by count out than via pinfall or submission.

He was slated to work Wrestlemania 8 against Davey Boy Smith, but the match was cut from the show, presumably due to lack of interest. Afterwards, my buddy and I were driving through Indy and The Berzerker stumbled in front of our car, and we nearly ran him over.

Sadly, we missed.

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