Super Duper Mario

Super Duper Mario

I’m not even sure where the hell to begin with this one. Okay, like all regionals and indies in the late 80s and early 90s, ICW (International Championship Wrestling) had its fair share of horrendous gimmicks, much like Memphis and Global. However, I would be hard-pressed to think of a more horrible gimmick that they tried to push off on the public than this (and this is coming from the promotion that gave us Curly Joe!).

Obviously, this rotund little man is based on that most famous of all video games, Super Mario. That’s obvious. I mean, he’s got the overalls. He’s got the funny hat. He’s got the mustache…and the hammer! And last but not least, he’s got the worst fake Italian accent ever. I mean EVER. Here he is telling the kids-a not to-a do-a drugs-a.

Probably so that there’d be more out there for the bookers who created the gimmick to scarf up.

Super Duper Mario (okay, I can see why they’d try to pass him off as “Super” but what, pray tell, makes him “Duper”???) didn’t last long in the ICW (also known as IWCCW). Sometime during his run, he had a “plumbing” accident in the middle of the ring, and Tony Atlas decided it was best if he didn’t work in front of a crowd again.

Get it? A plumber having a plumbing accident? He soiled himself! Hah! I kill me! Oh God, it hurts…

Anyway, to the best of my knowledge, Super Duper Mario here (what the hell exactly is “duper” anyway???) is not to be confused with a similar Memphis-area reefer-thinktank creation, also known as Super Mario.

And please, check out that hammer. Tell me HHH didn’t crib this gimmick from him!

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