Run-In Man

Run-In Man

Gimmick #437 in the Ed Leslie failed personas portfolio may or may not be called “Run-In Man”. In fact, as far as I know, he was never given a name. I’ve heard him referred to as “Mr. Run In”, “The Mariner”, and “Fur Face” (which makes no sense , since he had no fur anywhere at all (sorry, Rick Scaia)). Perhaps his name was going to be “Pearl Harbor Pete”. Who knows, and who really cares, right?

Anyway, it was our old pal Brutus Beefcake bedecked in a goofy mask which concealed his identity. I believe the mask actually served as a protective piece as well, as this was Beefcake’s first ring persona after his parasailing accident, which more or less destroyed his face (and come to think of it, pretty much did in his career as well).

Run-In Man didn’t ever wrestle a match. He would simply run-in when a WWF heel was beating down his opponent. He would come in, hit the guy a couple of times, and then rare back and give him a big ol’ headbutt.

As exciting as all this sounds, well, it really wasn’t. The masked goofball ran in for about five different matches, then vanished. Beefcake would later reappear as Hogan’s suck buddy in the Mega Monster Maniacal Morons, losing by DQ to Money Inc. at WrestleMania IX, the worst WrestleMania of them all.

Beefcake and Hogan also headlined Starrcade 94, the worst Starrcade of them all.


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