Mean Gene Okerlund – Pro Wrestler

Mean Gene Okerlund - Pro Wrestler

These days, it seems anyone even remotely involved in the business of pro wrestling gets in the ring and works. Managers, valets, bad actors shilling collect calls, you name it. And while many of you may grimace when you see Vince Russo donning the tights, just remember: it could be worse. It could be MUCH worse.

Just ask any WWF fan from the mid 80’s, who were subjected to a matchup that pitted Mr. Fuji & George “The Animal” Steele against Hulk Hogan and Gene Okerlund.


Not only that, but we got to see lots of footage of Gene training for the big event.

The Hulkster shows up at Gene’s house (nice decor, no?) at 5:00 am. Gene is enjoying his breakfast of coffee and cigars. Hulk chastises him, and they head out to begin training.

Their workout seems to consist of Hulk carrying Gene up the stairs of the arena…

…then Gene carrying Hulk up the steps.

You know, come to think of it, these shots give the impression that Hulk and Gene had a very “special” relationship. Hmmm…

Yep, this shot seems to support that theory.

As does this one.

In fact, their workout even SOUNDED like a bad, grade B gay porno.

Anyway, they finally made it to the match. Gene gave Mr. Fuji the Big Boot, and Hulk lifted him up over the ropes, and dropped him onto Fuji for the pin.

And while you may think that Hulk putting his hand on Gene’s butt is even further proof of their relationship, I would say that Hogan letting ANYONE other than himself get the pin is the real tell tale here.

How did they celebrate? Well, how do you think?

And of course, Gene had a smoke afterwards for good measure.

I could give you more details of the match, but really, why bother. Suffice to say it sucked. I don’t believe Okerlund has wrestled since, except maybe in a hotel room with his old tag team partner.

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