Monster Truck Sumo Match

Monster Truck Sumo Match

In 1995, WCW had just introduced a young man by the name of Paul Wight to World Championship Wrestling fans. Wight, known today as the WWF’s Big Show, made an immediate impact on WCW by attacking Hulk Hogan. WCW named him The Giant, and pushed him as “Andre the Giant’s son” in an angle that made the great Frenchman reanimate, uncreamate, and then die again so he could be buried and roll over in his grave.

Wight headed for a showdown with Hogan at Halloween Havoc, and Eric Bischoff thought the feud needed a bit more spice. So he commissioned MONSTER TRUCKS to be made for both Hogan and The Giant. And then…well, hell, here’s Uncle Eric to tell you all about it.

So the trucks struggled mightily atop Cobo Hall, with Hogan’s truck (adorned with big plastic arms) defeating the Big Nasty Wart Infested Giant’s truck (which was armed with big teeth and a rib cage for a bed) after about 4 hours.

How pathetic it is that Hogan wouldn’t even job in a MONSTER TRUCK MATCH?

Then the fun REALLY started. The Giant, furious at losing the Monster Truck Sumo Match, hopped out of his ride and went after Hogan. The two fought on the roof of Cobo Hall, with Hogan (naturally) gaining the advantage.

And then, the unthinkable happened. Hogan actually PUSHED THE GIANT OFF THE ROOF!

It was great listening to Biscoff call the action as the crowd went silent. What would happen to the scheduled main event?

Why, it would go on as originally planned, of course! The Giant simply re-emerged from the dressing room and headed toward the ring, eventually beating Hogan by DQ. Sheesh, you throw me off a building and you STILL won’t lay down?

For those of you waiting for an explanation of how The Giant survived the fall, well…get in line. WCW never even attempted to explain it (aside from this weak excerpt). Much like the Brown Hornet, “He miraculously escaped unharmed.”

And if you thought WCW WOULD explain it…you obviously weren’t watching much WCW back in 1995.

Consider yourself VERY lucky.

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