For many years, it seemed that Vince McMahon felt all the fans of the WWF were nerdy geeks who marked out for anything. We had Charlie Minn, we had those two goofs who always went to all the PPVs in the mid 90’s, George and Adam, and of course, the biggest nerd of them all, Jamison.

Now for those of you who don’t remember Jamison, well, you really didn’t miss out on much. Just picture a stereotypical nerd (or better yet, go rent the original Revenge of the Nerds from the local Blockbuster), complete with pocket protector, acne, greasy hair, and dorky voice. That was Jamison. He was around for no other reason that to be a Human Joke Butt.

While he went onto some deal of “fame” years later briefly as a manager of the Bushwhackers, I most vividly remember him as the host of the old Bobby Heenan Show. You see, long before Raw ever hit the air, the WWF had a weekly two hour show called Prime Time Wrestling. It would feature matches from all over the country, and was hosted in a studio by Gorilla Monsoon. Monsoon had several co-hosts through the years, including Roddy Piper, Jesse Ventura, and Bobby Heenan.

It was with Heenan that the show was really at its peak. Heenan and Monsoon had unequalled comedic chemistry; the duo, with Heenan being the scheming heel and Monsoon as the ultimate straight man, make all others pale in comparison. I actually have old tapes of Prime Time with all the matches edited out (if you watched late 80’s WWF you’ll know why), but with the Heenan-Monsoon host segments left. They were that good.

Anyway, after several months of bickering between the two, Heenan was able to secure the last 30 minutes of the 2 hour block for himself. He started a talk show, ala the Tonight Show, and guess who is co-host was? You got it.

One of the most memorable Bobby Heenan Show episodes featured porn star Heather Hunter.

Heenan thought she was just a ‘regular’ actress, but Jamison, no doubt with hundreds of pornos in his closet, knew better. He informed Heenan of the kind of movies she starred in, and Heenan almost blew a gasket.

Heather started stripping for the duo, and Jamison grabbed for a pillow to put on his lap. After Hunter was done dancing, Jamison looked under the pillow as if he had just had an…ummm…”accident”.

Yep – the guy’s career highlight was ‘dirtying’ a pillow.

Not much of a career, huh?

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