Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer

I seriously doubt there’s been any gimmick in wrestling more copied than that of the Road Warriors.

Demolition. The Powers of Pain. The Blade Runners. The Master Blasters. The Dynamic Dudes.

Okay, maybe not the last one, but you get my point. If you wanted a big, muscle-headed tag team (or in rare cases like this one, solo wrestler), you more often than not slapped him in some face paint and put something either made of metal or leather on his shoulders.

During the mid-90’s, another of these “rip-offs” made his way into the Memphis USWA area. Managed by The Reverend Mike Diamond, M.D., who was doing a fair Sir Oliver Humperdink by-way-of Capt. Lou Albano impression, Jack Hammer made his debut to Tennessee fans, only to depart quickly thereafter.

In his debut, he walked out with little fanfare, wearing what looked to be an over-sized stair-step on his shoulders. Within seconds, he squashed T.D. Steel. T.D., as many might know, was the go-to jobber for everybody that walked through the door in Memphis. Hell, I think that I beat him once, and I’ve never worked for them.

Anyway, back to Jack Hammer.

Well, there’s really not much to say about Jack Hammer. He didn’t really accomplish anything, but I think he was still doing indy shows as recent as a year or two ago.

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