Isaac Yankem DDS

Isaac Yankem DDS

Since the WWF was chockfull of wrestlers who moonlighted on the side, it was not surprising that an evil dentist made his way to Titan in the mid 90’s. What was surprising, however, was that his very first match was a PPV showdown with one of the most popular wrestlers in the Federation at the time, Bret “Hitman” Hart.

Isaac Yankem, DDS, was introduced to WWF by Jerry Lawler, who had been feuding with Bret at the time and had recently lost a “Kiss My Foot” Match to the Hitman at the King of the Ring. Lawler swore revenge and … you know, better than have me tell it, let’s go to Todd Pettengill for his account of it.

One of the most charming things about the Yankem character was his horrible teeth. Jacobs was given the most nasty mouth makeup job ever seen. Get it? He’s a DENTIST but he has BAD TEETH? Isn’t that funny?

The gimmick bombed, naturally, and the Federation was forced to come up with something else for Jacobs to do.

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