INDUCTION: Mike Tyson WRESTLES – So Monumental WWE Didn’t Even Bother to Advertise It Ahead of Time!

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WWE, 2010

I don’t think one could understate just how huge Mike Tyson was in his prime, nor how pivotal his role was in helping the WWF turn the tide on the Monday Night Wars. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in many ways became a household name thanks in large part to Tyson. Don’t misunderstand me – Austin still would have been huge had Tyson, say, gone to WCW rather than the WWF (and make no mistake, both sides were bidding for the guy at the time). I have zero doubt he would have been because he was exactly what fans wanted at the time. But Tyson definitely helped to propel Austin – and the WWF in turn – to a peak it had never before experienced.

What a lot of folks forget is that he was actually slated to appear for the company several years earlier, which would have taken place smack-dab in the middle of Iron Mike’s prime. Prior to WrestleMania VI, Hulk Hogan was slated to take on Randy Savage for approximately the 4,879th time. Since the match had been done to death, the idea was that it needed a little something extra to make this a viable Saturday Night’s Main Event spectacle. Enter Tyson, who would play the role of special guest referee.

It was a great idea in theory.

Buster gonna knock you out!

Unfortunately for Tyson, he was KO’ed by an unheralded guy by the name of Buster Douglas a couple weeks prior. Tyson proceeded to pull out of several post fight appearances following the devastating loss. So his appearance as a special referee for Vince would have to wait a few more years.

The rumor mill was crazy prior to both the 1990 scheduled SNME appearance and the 1997 Austin run that Tyson wasn’t going to just show up and referee a match – he was coming to fight, and was looking to put his fists upside either Hogan or Austin’s head depending on the timeframe.

While that never happened, it was something seemingly everyone I ever talked to wanted to see. Tyson was HUGE, and the potential of seeing him in a WWF ring taking on the pro wrestling’s top star was almost unfathomable.

Equally unfathomable is that it did actually happen.

Mike Tyson wrestled for the WWF.

Well, WWE.


Show of hands – anyone remember this?

Like anyone at all?

But happen it did, during the legendary “Guest Host” era of WWE. Now sure, that era is admittedly not quite as fondly remembered as the Attitude era. But it’s light years ahead of the “Wrestling Doesn’t Pay Well So Everyone in the Company Has Another Job” era of the mid 1990s.

“I promise ya – uncloggin’ terlets pays more than takin’ on Sparky Plugg at a Boise house show!”

Following the opening theme, Tyson comes out and immediately gets completely lost. I mean COMPLETELY LOST. Which is too bad, as I was hoping he’d tell us again about how he had a great time with “Cold Stone” Steve Austin and that his favorite wrestler ever was Bruno Sammartino.

Remember Vince nearly flipping his lid over that? Good times.

Instead, Tyson just kinda looks around in a very uncomfortable manner without saying anything at all. Seriously, you watch that and all you can think is, “That dude took way too many punches to the head.”

Finally Sheamus interrupts. Apparently he was champion at the time, and thus tells us that he, not Tyson, is now the baddest man on the planet.

Austin-Tyson this was not.

On the plus side, doing this induction I got to hear his Sheamus’ old theme song. You know, the one where it says something about dunderheads. In the pantheon of stupid WWE themes, that one will always hold a special place in my heart.

I mean, I never want to hear it again, but it made me laugh one more time.

So Sheamus blah blah blahs, and of course this brings out Randy Orton. This leads to overplayed trope #13 in the WWE playbook. You know the one: guy one talks to guy two, guy three comes out and talks to guys one and two, then…

…guy four comes out and talks to the first three…

…before guy five comes out to complete the yak fest and some kind of multi-person match is made. And they all listen politely to what each other has to say, even when they inevitably say horrible things about each other. I call this schtick “Polite Pontification”. Feel free to use that on social media the next time you see them doing this, just make sure to credit me. Site needs the hits!

And I don’t know I’ve ever discussed this before, but I’d like to make something very clear:



Thank you. I feel much better now.

Besides, who cares about whatever stupid triple threat or whatever those clowns are having. After all, I’m pretty sure the header on this induction says MIKE TYSON WRESTLES!

Let’s get to that!

Backstage we go, where Tyson runs into Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid puts his hand on Mike’s shoulder, and explains that he had recently made up with Bret Hart after years of issues, and was hoping to do the same with Tyson. Tyson explains that he sees through what a total sham Michaels actually is because unlike Bret, Mike’s not a total idiot.

I mean, that’s what he would have said if I was writing for the company.

Still, he does note that he actually enjoyed knocking Michaels out in the past and would like to do it again.

I mean, sure, who wouldn’t?

At this point, Chris Jericho shows up and tells Michaels to hit the bricks. I should note this happened one week after Jericho had lost a loser leaves Raw match. And still here he is, as if nothing happened.

If you think that this company completely ignoring whatever they did the week before is something new, umm, no. It’s happened for years.

I don’t know I’ve ever discussed this before, but I’d like to make something very clear:



Geez, it feels like I just wrote that.

“DX,” Tyson laughs, “dumb fools!”

Really. That was his witty retort to all this.

And just like that, the match is set up: DX vs. Jericho and Tyson.

Not for a PPV.

Not for a show next week.

No, for like an hour later!

Look, I get it. Tyson wasn’t the draw he was in the 90’s, or even in the first decade of the new millennium. But he was still a major name and in theory had at least some drawing power. I mean, why else would you have him on the show in the first place?

And if that was the case, shouldn’t you at least try to get a little publicity out of this instead of just doing it with zero notice whatsoever?

So Shawn and Hunter come out doing their DX schtick. In hindsight, that’s comical enough – two middle aged men pretending to be guys fifteen years younger pretending to be teenagers. I can’t wait until they are both retirement age and still doing that.

We ain’t far from it, and y’all know it will happen.

Probably for some prince in Saudi Arabia.

Tyson and Michaels lock up to start the match and give Mike credit – he actually looks pretty decent here. Of course, Michaels is flopping around like a fish out of water for the guy, so that definitely helps.

Hunter comes in and gives it a shot as well. I know what you’re thinking – kick, wham, pedigree on Tyson for the clean pin. But amazingly, that does not happen. Instead, Tyson backs Hunter into the corner and tags in Jericho and we get DX pummeling Y2J for a few minutes. Jericho is finally able to turn the tide, and gets Tyson back into the ring only for him to be interrupted by…


Tyson looks on completely baffled, but it’s naturally all a set up.

Tyson takes off his shirt to reveal he was actually with DX all along!

And yes, it ends exactly the way you’d expect – with Jericho being cold cocked by Tyson.

Well, maybe not exactly like you’d expect, as that punch missed Jericho by a good eight inches. Was Tyson shadow boxing with Shane McMahon backstage?

And yeah, that was pretty much it. With one of the biggest boxing stars in history being interrupted by a leprechaun.

Ok, WWE you win – now I DO understand why you didn’t advertise this ahead of time!

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32 Responses to "INDUCTION: Mike Tyson WRESTLES – So Monumental WWE Didn’t Even Bother to Advertise It Ahead of Time!"
  1. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    DX’s god-awful 2010 run deserves an induction.

  2. Iron Michael says:

    Thith wath moth thirtainly Wrethlecrap, even I don’t remember thith thit!

  3. C Boz says:

    Who the heck was in the production booth for that punch? If you know Tyson is going to be half a foot a way from connecting, and you have that second angle from behind Jericho, use that shot!

    My favorite “I was with the bad guys all along” reveal was way back in 1997 at Clash of the Champions XXXV or something like that, which very belatedly was celebrating the nWo’s first anniversary. For some reason WCW had the two chefs from “Dinner and a Movie” preparing food at various breaks. And at the end, they takes off their shirts and reveal that they are nWo all along. Cue hilarity.

  4. Christopher Haydu says:

    You know, we already have an Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Every WrestleMania, we should have a Rowdy Roddy Piper Memorial Boxing Match. Mike Tyson could be the referee for them every year!

    I don’t care what anybody says. I think it’s a great idea. I was a fan of the Brawl For All, too. Besides, for his contributions, Rowdy Roddy Piper deserves to have a match named after him just like Andre does.

  5. Larry says:

    Chris Jericho getting screwed over by HHH.

    I don’t know I’ve ever discussed this before, but I’d like to make something very clear:



  6. The House says:

    Man, I was at that show. Everyone knew Tyson was turning on Jericho and joining DX. Every week for like a month Jericho would look foolish and be beaten by DX. It was the least-surprising turn ever.

    This was also the show that derailed Kofi’s push, because he missed a spot and Orton yelled “Stupid!” at him three or four times. Only took nine years for Kingston to recover.

    “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

  7. Mav says:

    Know what would have been even dumber? If Hogan-Goldberg was announced on four days’ notice?

    Oh, wait.

    Seriously, what would that match have drawn with months of buildup?

    It was huge when I didn’t even know it was happening.

    • RD Reynolds says:

      Good old WCW. There’s a reason they’re no longer around. Someone should write a book about that.

      • Guest says:

        Schilling “The Death of WCW” does that count as Hating it when they do this, And they do it all the time too?

  8. Ray says:

    Jericho probably insisted that Tyson swing wide, even if it was obvious that he didn’t connect. While, I wouldn’t bet money on Mike ever winning another boxing match, I’m pretty sure that given just one punch he can still break your head.

    • Guest says:

      Or at least pull a Hugh Jackman and give you a hairline fracture.

      • Not Saying says:

        Yeah. I would say insist on a wide swing, and also elect to fall over before the wide swing misses you. Like you look both ways before crossing a one way street, if Mike Tyson’s fist is somehow involved

    • TK says:

      Fairly certain you are correct on this… even if someone’s not in their prime anymore, they’re still dangerous as some skills don’t completely rust over. The father of a friend of mine was once a student of Kenpo, took down a home invader with a sharp strike to the chest… called an ambulance for the burglar but not before drawing his pistol on the kid to make sure he didn’t take off running.

      If I remember correctly, my friend and I were pulling up around the same time the police did and we freaked out thinking something had happened to the old bastard… We were so relieved to see that he was fine but we then worried about the kid who tried to steal from him.

    • Al Lobama says:

      In Jericho’s third autobiography, he talked about how he was scared crapless that Tyson’s punch would accidentally connect and knock him into a coma, and how relieved he was when he didn’t even feel. And now that we’ve seen the gif of the punch, we know WHY he didn’t feel it.

  9. Dave says:

    I always heard “Lobster head,” not “dunderhead.” Maybe it’s just me.

  10. CP says:

    In retrospect it probably is best Jericho didn’t take that punch…Tyson may have been well past his fighting prime but I still wouldn’t want to take a shot from his crazy ass.

  11. #OPC says:

    I’m mid-way through Tyson’s autobiography right now so this is fun timing. There’s even a photo in the book of Tyson with Trips and Swoggle.

    Also I badly want Tyson vs. Sheamus now, especially since Sheamy is analogous to another Punch-Out!! fighter in Aran Ryan.

  12. Guest says:

    “Well, maybe not exactly like you’d expect, as that punch missed Jericho by a good eight inches. Was Tyson shadow boxing with Shane McMahon backstage?”

    To be pretty fair I like to think they didn’t want to take risks considering Mickey Rourke broke (or would) break his hand punching Jericho at Wrestlemania and Hugh Jackman would give Ziggler a hairline fracture also punching him.

    As for having a substantial match with no advertising be glad it wasn’t a title match announced on the second to last show before a major PPV which originally was supposed to have another match happen in it’s place… might lead to you calling B.S. on them and swearing off ever watching WWE programming ever again.

  13. jerm says:

    I hate most smark chants that think they’re oh so clever and exist solely for the crowd to put themselves over. But directing YOU SCREWED SHAWN at Tyson was *chef kiss* brilliant.

  14. K7 says:

    Does Hornswoggle have his own Wrestlecrap category yet? He probably should…

  15. Adnan Ahmed says:

    So…the Jericho getting back onto Raw, that was his thing for a few weeks, he’d keep finding ways legally to get back onto Raw. Though it depends if this week they explain it all properly. I think it normally revolved around still being in a team with the Big Show

  16. Presidente Clint says:

    WWE: Books Tyson vs Jericho

    AEW: “This is fresh!”

  17. Maverick MoPete says:

    If there was one good thing that came from this, it’s that John Cena worked in Punch-Out! References during the “Polite Pontification” Scene. It was so hilarious you could see Randy Orton trying desperately not to break character and crack up laughing.

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