Kevin Nash. Either you love him or you hate him.

Either way, let’s all sit back and laugh at him as he makes a fool out of himself in WCW.

No, not as he’s doing that now! I mean what he did ten years ago, when he debuted as Oz. He came to ring bedecked in a sorceror’s outfit, escorted by some other goof in a mask (rumored to be Kevin Sullivan) named the Great Wizard, who continually yapped out “Welcome to Oz! Welcome to Oz!”

Oz had an aged face that was made possible through the magic of…a mask, I guess. He talked in a bold, annoying manner, not unlike he does today. When he got to the ring, he took off the mask revealing the original man without a brain.

The most amazing thing about Oz was that he worked a million times harder in the ring than Nash has in ten years. I’m serious – go back and take a look at his match at Clash of the Champions: Knocksville and tell me if you’ve seen big Kev work like that since.

Anyway, Oz was rumored to be just the first of many Wizard of Oz wrestlers. I can see it now…Jim Duggan as the Scarecrow (no brain); Eric Bischoff as the Tin Man (no heart); Lex Luger as the Cowardly Lion (no nerve; just ask Bruiser Brody).

Yep, it’s a very good thing this gimmick flopped.

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