INDUCTION: The Greatest Women’s Match in History – Weird, You Wouldn’t Think THAT Would Be an Induction

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WWE, 2011

If there’s one thing I never, ever want to hear again, it would be “what is your pro wrestling Mount Rushmore?”

What a stupid question.

Trying to nail down the four best wrestlers in the history of man is a fool’s errand. And is that even the question? Are they the BEST wrestlers? My FAVORITE wrestlers? The wrestlers who meant the most to the business? The wrestlers who most resembled old US presidents?

Dumb dumb dumb.

Still, that’s something we, as wrestling fans, love to dissect. I don’t know why we feel the need to categorize and rank, but it seems almost to be an innate need to anyone who enjoys this crazy pseudo sport. And it’s honestly not just those who follow pro wrestling, but those in the business love to pick their favorite stars and matches too.

After all, who could forget when Stone Cold Steve Austin asked the woman who would soon become known worldwide as Cameron her favorite match?

Ahhh you delightful, delightful, oh so wonderful girl.

How I love you.

I mean, I love Steve Austin more for his amazing reaction, but you know, you’re pretty ok too.

Here’s the thing: I remember this clip from the old Tough Enough show like it was yesterday, but oddly enough, I’ve never actually watched this reportedly amazing bout. Time to remedy that post haste.

I mean, if it’s good enough to be a Funkadactyl’s favorite match ever, it has to be good, right?

So the showdown between Alicia Fox and Melina, which at least one person on planet earth has called the greatest match ever, took place on Raw shortly before SummerSlam in 2011. It opened with the two women sizing each other up, but it wasn’t long before Alicia hurked Melina up, showcasing her power.

She also showcased her forehead in a major way as well.

I know we’ve all kinda questioned what on earth is going on with Sasha Banks over the years, but Alicia is right up there with her if you want to make receding hairline jokes.

I mean, I won’t since I am completely bald, but if you want to be a jerk and skull shame folks, have at it.

The nonstop action continues with Alicia showing off her technical prowess by biel throwing her foe across the ring using the hair. Sources have told this reporter that particular move automatically gains 1/2* to any match Dave Meltzer reviews!

Finally Melina has had enough and starts throwing some admittedly pretty vicious looking forearm shivers to the back of Alicia’s noggin. This brutality causes Ms. Fox to…I dunno.

Kinda looks like she’s gonna pee her pants or something.

To be fair, though, if some half crazy woman started punching me in the back of the head I’d probably want to run for the can too.

Eventually, Melina decides she’s had enough and rolls Foxy outside the ring. She follows her to the outside, looking to press her advantage, but is quickly taken down by a pretty sloppy clothesline.

At that point, it settles down into pretty much every single WWE Divas match you ever saw – some punching, some kicking, and not a whole heck of a lot else. Don’t get me wrong – these girls aren’t Eva Marie level bad or anything, but that also means they aren’t Eva Marie level entertaining either.

I mean, I’m not the only one that misses All Red Everything am I?

I can’t be, right?

Back to this match, Alicia catches Melina and puts her in a good old fashioned bear hug! Somewhere, I have no doubt Ted Arcidi, wearing his Pony sneakers, looked on proudly.

And probably wondered if Melina’s boobs were going to pop open.

Before such a tragedy could occur, Melina lets forth a grating, ear piercing, insanely annoying scream. Seriously, as I was working on this induction Mrs. Deal came running in and asked what that awful noise was. I showed her my screen.

She shook her head and left.

That happens more often than you’d think when I am working on stuff for the site.

But hey, your loss Mrs. D!

After all, you missed THIS!!

Sure, I have zero idea what it was supposed to be, but had you just stuck around for like five more seconds, you too could have been baffled at the ending of this encounter!

Going out on a limb saying this, but pretty sure this was NOT the best women’s wrestling match I’ve ever seen. Probably not even the best women’s wrestling match I’ve seen today, and I don’t recall watching any other ones.

But hey – everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Which begs the question…and one which no less than Steve Austin himself asked…

“Got any other favorite matches I should know about?”

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the greatest women’s match in wrestling history…but it did make for a fun induction, so it has that going for it. And hey, if you laughed or even chuckled a bit, maybe you’d consider throwing a couple bucks to our Patreon? It’s how we keep the site running after nearly twenty years! You can check it out here. Please and thank ya!

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43 Responses to "INDUCTION: The Greatest Women’s Match in History – Weird, You Wouldn’t Think THAT Would Be an Induction"
  1. Swarm says:

    Favorite match has to be chocolate eating good guy Heidenreich vs the Boston(Brooklyn) Brawler

  2. Johnathan Barnes says:

    I think Melina was attempting to do a Gory Bomb on Alicia Fox for the finish, but the Gory Bomb special tends to be done from a standing position, so they may have accidentally created a new move. One I wouldn’t recommend for anyone without much experience or mobility. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. Rob Brown says:

    It looks like Melina won with like a…backwards Victory Roll sort of thing?

  4. #OPC says:

    Melina and Alicia Fox did fight each other more than once. You could have reviewed ALL their matches together!

  5. Sean Bateman says:

    Still better than that Gayda match

    • Guest says:

      I mean sure if you ignore the fact that Alicia Fox was little better than Gayda was and she had more training than Gayda did.

  6. HIPPOsurf says:

    I’m not one to bash the inductions on this site but come on. It’s not a great match it also isn’t some affront to humanity in how dreadful it is either it’s just kind of there.

    Steve Austin didn’t ask what Cameron thought was the BEST women’s match ever. He asked her what her FAVOURITE match was. Unless everyone is some mark who only likes Meltzer approved 5+* matches I think it’s fair to say that we all enjoy some absolute clunkers.

    • RD Reynolds says:

      Absolutely, agree 100%. We all like some bad matches.

      • E-Squared says:

        There are a lot of bad matches out there that actually can be fun to watch. For some reason, a couple of Dawn Marie/Torrie Wilson matches are fun despite sucking so badly. It’s the same with watching bad movies. Just because a movie is bad doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable.

    • Guest says:

      Except here’s the problem even if he did ask what was her favorite match she picked by far one of the worst women’s matches of the Diva’s Era……one that happened for free on Raw.

  7. Alan Smithee says:

    Obvious joke is obvious, but the one problem behind this one:The match inducted could not possibly have been THE Melina/Alicia Fox match. (If it happened before Summerslam 2011, then it happened long after the Tough Enough 5 season aired

  8. Gerard says:

    maybe i heard it wrong but did Cameron explain why she chose this particular match was because Alicia Fox is her sister??

  9. Claudio Ibacache says:

    So, if you think about it…. this was a pretty good match, for the divas at that time.. Which is so fkn sad lol.

  10. Rich says:

    On the subject of women’s matches and Eva Marie, has there ever been (or will there ever be) an induction of the Bayley vs Eva Marie NXT Women’s title match? It was such a strange, massively overbooked match based around a story that “the powers that be” wanted Eva to win the title, despite the fact that had never once been mentioned prior to that point.

  11. Carl Zayas says:

    Somewhere in the distance a man is saying, that would have been a 5 star match in New Japan at the Tokyo Dome. Right before he commits Hara Kiri…while playing Mortal Kombat Deception…of course right after looking it up and practicing…because those moves were just hard to pull off.

  12. Chris the Bambikiller says:

    Hey RD, what is your pro wrestling Mount Rushmore?

  13. CF says:

    There’s a line from _Top Secret!_ I could paraphrase here, but I might Offend Someone…. >;)

  14. Si says:

    Given the show featuring Ariane/Cameron’s claim was aired in April 2011, are you sure she wasn’t thinking of their title match at Summerslam 2010?

    Still waiting on Eva Marie to fulfil her much stated promise of becoming the female Rock, returning to the ring only when she becomes a huge movie star.

    • Fripp Fan says:

      This match wasn’t even from 2011, it was also from 2010, on the Raw before their SummerSlam match. In all, Melina and Alicia Fox have had 8 televised singles matches (Melina is 8-0) so I’m not sure how RD drew the conclusion that this was the match being referred to, and not the better known SummerSlam match

  15. Hulk6785 says:

    I thought she was talking about their match at SummerSlam 2010.

  16. JJMatador says:

    I always thought this was a bit unfair, she was training to be a WWE ‘Diva’, ok it was probably a bit disingenuous but it’s perfectly reasonable that she cited a match between two of the WWE’s women wrestlers as her favourite match. Austin was a jerk to react like that.

  17. Big says:

    I never saw the match nor did I see Tough Enough but watching the Stone Cold clip made my week.

  18. John says:

    We could give her the benefit of the doubt. But, Austin’s follow up question was why that was her favorite match and she said it was the only match she’d ever seen. Not that most divas at the time were presented as life long wrestling fans, but those answers are pretty funny.

    • HIIPOsurf says:

      I don’t understand why being a lifelong fan is so important to people. It’s not like it’s a prerequisite to succeeding in the business. I honestly believe that not being a lifelong fan gives a person a leg up because they aren’t just happy to be there

  19. SaviorGabriel says:

    There has never been a more appropriate time for Stone Cold to yell out, “WHAT?!” than after hearing someone say Melina vs. Alicia Fox was their favorite wrestling match of all time.

  20. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    Alicia Fox is the female Billy Gunn in terms of getting so many singles pushes and making a dog’s dinner out of all of them.

    In fact, if Foxy does ever get back in the ring, I want her to use Gunn’s 2000-2001 theme “I’ve Got It All”, with brand new lyrics that I have conjured up:

    Look at all I’ve got
    It’s enough to make a blind woman see
    Everything you wish you had
    The Bella Twins gave it all to me

    On occasion, my wrestling
    Makes audiences yawn
    Cause I’ve got it all
    Oh, I’ve got it all
    Yeah, I’ve got it all
    Oh, I’ve got it all

    It’s a better thing for me
    To observe a better woman
    But with all my limitations
    I still can’t have a great match

    So all of my boyfriends
    Have left me high and dry
    Cause I’ve got it all
    Oh, I’ve got it all
    Yeah, I’ve got it all
    Oh, I’ve got it all

    Every time, they hear my name, they groan in symphony
    I’m a pint glass of piss
    Getting worser with age
    I will not come in better taste

    Look at all I’ve got
    It’s enough to make a blind woman see
    Everything you wish you had
    The Bella Twins gave it all to me

    On occasion, my wrestling
    Makes audiences yawn
    Cause I’ve got it all
    Oh, I’ve got it all
    Yeah, I’ve got it all
    Oh, I’ve got it all

  21. Kareem Ofweet says:

    Waiting for the return of Awesomov, who famously claimed on the forum that Gail Kim beating Brock Lesnar clean would be believable.

  22. Will says:

    This is the wrong match, this match happened after the Tough Enough season. She was talking about Summerslam 2010.

  23. Andrew says:

    What about Bradshaw and Trish Stratus versus Jackie Gayda and Christopher Nowinkski? That’s my favorite match.

  24. Gary Lee says:

    RD, I’m sure she was referring to the Women’s Championship match that tore the house down at Summer Slam 2010… All 5 minutes, 20 seconds of it.

    • Deepthroat Ghoul says:

      That match felt the exact same as Chris Benoit vs. Billy Gunn from Armageddon 2000 – fierce challenger demolishes tool champion to win back the gold.

  25. Kevin Lonergan says:

    Those two put Becky Lynch and Asuka to shame…..LOL!!!!

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