INDUCTION: The Ding Dongs – Up Yours, JR! Them’s Is Real Funny!

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WCW, 1989

Before you ask, yes, the Ding Dongs have been inducted before.

They are in our online archives, which you can get by going here. and giving us a small donation, either via PayPal or Patreon (where we are proud to announce we’ve hit our first goal – THANK YOU!!!).

I don’t care this is a double dip – the first one was kinda short and had like two images.  More importantly, we’re talking the Ding Dongs, and thanks to fellow Crapper Keith L, we’ve found NEW MATCHES featuring them!  That shouldn’t be an occasion for me to throw out disclaimers, it should be an occasion to throw out confetti, like Rip Torn used to do.

(Note to self: contact Rip Torn to see if he may be our new TNA correspondent on WrestleCrap Radio.)

(Note to self: I think it’s Rip Taylor, not Rip Torn.)

(Note to self: you do know you are the only one who knows who either of these men are, right?)

In the early days of the site, it was a challenge to find any footage of wrestlers who only showed up a few times.  There was no YouTube, there was no WWE Network, no Daily Motion, whatever.  It was me, some tape traders (like the amazing Bill Brown), and whatever I could find at video stores within a 100 mile radius.  So when I first brought the Ding Dongs to this here site, I believe I had one match at my disposal.  Now I have exponentially more.

And by exponentially, I mean four.

That may not sound like much, but this is the legendary tag team of the DING DONGS we’re talking about.  For those of you young ‘uns, in the late 1980’s WCW was trying to figure out its best path to battle the WWF (now WWE).  At the time, the man running things for the company was Jim Herd, a name that would cause many who were around then to grind their teeth and roll their eyes.  Herd was reportedly not well liked by many in the company, as he had some…unique…ideas as to how to bolster WCW’s popularity.  For instance, he felt that Ric Flair, fresh off a series of bouts with Ricky Steamboat with which you may be familiar, should cut off all his hair, drop the Nature Boy persona, and rechristen himself as Spartacus, a roman gladiator.

Yep, you said it kid.

Another of Herd’s ideas was to appeal to kids, which were in fact a huge part of his competition’s audience.  One of the WWF’s top tag teams at the time were a goofball duo known as The Bushwackers, and while I have absolutely zero evidence to back up the following claim, my gut tells me that Herd saw them and decided he could out zany Vince McMahon’s zany.

As if anyone could do such a thing.

Still, the wheels started turning and he came up with the Hunchbacks, a tag team that would physically resemble Quasimodo and thus be unable to be pinned as you couldn’t hold both of their shoulders down at the same time.

Laugh if you want, but obviously Daniel Bryan was a big fan of the idea.

With the Hunchback idea shot down, Herd went back to the drawing board and came up with the fine men we are here to talk about today.  Hailing from Belleville, USA (unfortunately we never found out what state it was for those of you wanting to make vacation plans), the pair debuted at Clash of the Champions VII, running to the ring like goofballs and slapping hands all the way.  I should note that their theme music started with a doorbell, and then led into the most amazing carnival music you ever did hear.  Trust me, if  The Menagerie had come out to this, TNA would still be in business today.

What do you mean they’re still alive?  I’ll never be able to write that book at this point!

Back to the Ding Dong theme, I should also note it’s worth giving the extended mix of it on YouTube a listen.  While it’s missing the opening clang (for shame!), it goes for a whopping 2:47 and somehow transitions midway through into every 80’s TV theme song you’ve ever heard.  My fortune for the opportunity to hear Arnold Drummons asking, “What you talkin’ bout, Dong?”

These mysterious masked men came to the ring wearing neon orange outfits with white bell graphics.  If ever a costume needed the Bedazzler treatment, it would be this one.  #missedopportunity

Don’t get too upset, though – check out their hands in the photo above.  At first glance, you may think those are spiked leather wrist bands.  You know, like the Road Warriors would often wear.

I know I am here to mock the Ding Dongs, but seriously, what on earth is up with Hawk’s face paint in this photo?  Was he trying to get a Skittles’ sponsorship?  Anyway, it wasn’t spikes, but rather bells on the Ding Dongs’ wrists.  Why they didn’t go for the matching choker like Animal above we will never know.

Also, where did they go to ask for such a contraption?  I know there are a lot of weird fetish shops in this world, but leather gauntlets with bells seems rather extreme.

In their debut, the men in orange battled the tandem of Cougar Jay and George South.  A very snide Jim Ross noted that he was going to call them Ding and Dong, with every syllable of his commentary having a bit more disgust than the last.

As Dong was battling his foe on the mat, Ding was on the apron living up to his name, literally ringing a bell to help cheer his man on to victory.  You’d think the constant clanging of a bell for two minutes straight would drive a crowd into a fever pitch, but the no good hillbillies in North Carolina had the temerity to begin booing our heroes out of the arena.

Hey Fort Bragg, you want to know why you never got another Clash of Champions following this?  Giving such a harsh welcome to these great men and their bell, which was only there to bring you joy, would be the answer.

Whether they had the fans behind them or not didn’t matter, nor did the fact their bells were falling off and littering the ring with tiny bits of shrapnel.  Dong was able to come off the top rope with a splash and pick up the victory.  So screw you Fort Bragg, and eat it Jim Ross!

The Ding Dongs were here to stay!

Next up for our boys was a battle with Fred Avery and The Enforcer.  Unfortunately, in this instance it was not Arn Anderson.  Prior to locking up with their foes, Ding decided to do the old Polaroid gimmick that you still see at indy wrestling shows to this very day.

The difference here was that they took a photo with the referee instead of a fan.  If they would have asked him for the customary twenty bucks, this would have been the greatest spot of all time.  Don’t be surprised if you see the Young Bucks stealing that gimmick with Red Shoes on the next New Japan show.

I should also note the commentary duo for this match, which I had absolutely zero memory of: Lance Freakin’ Russell and Paul Freakin’ Heyman!  How did this ever happen?  More importantly, how did this not happen more often?  You could tell they were having a great time calling this one, specifically as Lance noted the slimmer of the two was Ding, which allowed Paul to note we were looking at a Big Dong.

The Ding Dongs of this night had very obviously amped up their routine, and something funny happened: the fans actually started…cheering?


It wasn’t like Hulk Hogan showed up or anything, but there were some noticeable cheers for the guys.  Which just proves RD’s age old adage: if you are saddled with a stupid gimmick, go the full monte and make it as idiotic as you possibly can!

And sure enough, as they headed into battle with the New Zealand Militia, they bounced around the ring and waved to the crowd like the two biggest…well…Ding Dongs you could possibly imagine.  Tommy Young may not have looked amused (it kinda looked like he was throwing up over his shoulder), but others were.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s ask some random kids in the crowd!

The following is actual dialogue on this nationally syndicated television program:

Kid one: “Them Ding Dongs is real funny!”

Kid two: “Which one’s Ding and which one’s Dong?”

But again, here was Jim Ross being a total sour puss, noting how these men were a controversial team, as well as claiming a lot of “traditionalists” didn’t care for them.  He then bemoaned the fact he went to college (and the UWF!!!) and now had to call a match with the Ding Dongs.

Up yours, JR!

Didn’t you hear the kids?  They’s real funny!

Sadly, Ding took a pinfall loss via a canteen to the back of his head, which is the first time I’d ever seen such a finish.  It was also the last time, so I guess it wasn’t very good.

Still, I am sure there were better days ahead for our clanging clan.

Or maybe not!

The Skyscrapers were to be the NWA’s tag team of the 1990s, consisting of Dan Spivey and a man who was essentially making his national debut, Sid Vicious.  The pair looked awesome on the way to the ring, and absolutely devastating inside it, being booked like movie monsters, destroying everything in their path.

Could the Ding Dongs be the team to turn the tide?

Well, no.

Yet another reason for this induction to be updated: where else would you learn that WCW actually spent money to make at least two different versions of the Ding Dong outfits?

A pair of power bombs by Spivey spelled the end of the match for Ding, then Sid jumped in after the victory and absolutely waylaid Dong with a clothesline for good measure.  It was a total annihilation, a squash match by which tag team squash matches should be forever judged.

Not content with this destruction, the Skyscrapers proceeded to rip the masks of our heroes as they hid their heads in shame on the mat.  The reign of glory on which our bell ringing friends had been so kind to bring us was sadly over.

As if all that weren’t humiliating enough, the Skyscrapers’ manager, Teddy Long, decided to hand the masks over to his other protege…

…Norman the Lunatic.

Wait, you don’t remember Norman?  Are you unfamiliar with the saga of the giant key?

Sorry, kids – that’s a double dip for another day.

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31 Responses to "INDUCTION: The Ding Dongs – Up Yours, JR! Them’s Is Real Funny!"
  1. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    Crappers- Thank you so much for your donations and helping us meet our first goal! You guys rock!

    R.D- Great induction as always.

  2. Boffo97 says:

    I’m probably “being that guy”, but no matter how much you exponentially increase 1, it’s still just 1. 😉

  3. Justin Henry says:

    Wasn’t “Waylaid Dong” an eighties hardcore punk band?

  4. Brad H says:

    I guarantee the town is Belleville, Illinois. It’s basically a suburb of St. Louis aka Jim Herd’s hometown.

  5. The Doctor of Style says:

    Paul Heyman must be proud. You can’t get more EXTREEEME than calling a Ding Dongs match.

    Speaking of which, the Dingers seem to have beaten Cactus Jack and his thumbtacks by a few years. Try getting bodyslammed on jingle bells! (Pro wrestling and its great safety standards…)

  6. Sean Bateman says:

    So that’s where TNA got their idea for the Johnsons.

  7. Barronmore says:

    I came here expecting to find the gooker….this is soooo much better. The Ding Dongs…what a blast from the past. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it tonight.

  8. M says:

    Tommy Young in that gif was wishing that Barbarian was there instead of the Ding Dongs

  9. Larry says:

    I think they should have hailed from Bellvue instead of Bellville because this was an insane gimmick.

  10. RGO says:

    RD, you aren’t the only one who grew up on Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.
    Slappy White, now there is a name meant for wrestling!

  11. patrick murray says:

    Ha. I knew it was supposed to be Rip Taylor, as soon as you wrote Rip Torn. You’re not the ONLY guy. Solidarity, baby!

  12. Loki says:

    Belleville is actually a town right here in Wisconsin. However, I can’t recall any professional wrestling tag teams hailing from there.

  13. El Atomico says:

    I remember that Clash of Champions, when the bell on the stand in the corner fell off the apron and on to the floor, it got one of the biggest pops of the night!

  14. Adam says:

    So Rip Taylor’s not just that random old guy who shows up in the Jackass movies? (Tossing confetti, of course.)

  15. Big G says:

    Rip Torn would be an interesting correspondent. By all reports the guy is legit nuts; Gary Busey style.

    One thing I’ve always struggled to get my head around is; if Jim Herd was “in charge of WCW”, then what the hell was he doing wasting his time coming up with gimmicks for jobber tag teams? Surely he had more important things to focus on. Hey, you two arseholes – we want something to appeal to kids. Come back next week and pitch me. If I like it you’ll get some TV time.

    It’s the equivalent of him deciding what Pizza Hut put on pizzas when he was VP of whatever there.

    The only reasonable conclusion is that Jim Herd is responsible for the abomination that is pineapple on pizza.

  16. Kyle Rickards says:

    If you read the comments on the YouTube music clip, the sons of both guys have commented!

  17. C Boz says:

    Holy WrestleCrap! I literally referenced the Ding Dongs by name last week in the Gooker voting comments. I indicated that most of the nominees were not really Gooker-worthy or even major league WrestleCrap in the old sense — really bad and irrational angles or completely idiotic characters (!). Thank you for the double induction of my two favorite wrestling dreamcicles.

    I actually watched the WCW Saturday Night shows back in the summer of 1989 featuring these two stars. And the commentary for one of their bouts was hilarious. The announcer kept saying things like (not verbatim) “And a XXX move by Ding… or is it Dong” – and vice versa. I also remember the Skyscrapers debut and thinking that they would be the team of the 90s. And Spivey was dropped and replaced in the tag team by one Mark Calaway aka Mean Mark aka… well you know who).

    Yes I am that old – I was already in my 20s at the time. So yes I remember Rip Torn (who once broke into a bank with a gun), Rip Taylor (Gong Show anyone?) and even Rip Rogers (the best looking man in wrestling… just ask him).

    As Bob Dylan sang… ironically on his 1989 (what a year!) album “Oh Mercy”… RING THEM BELLS!

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Rip Taylor (Gong Show anyone?)

      Gong Show…NO ONE!!!! That was hosted by Chuck Barris. Rip Taylor did a similar concept game show called, of all things, The $1.98 Beauty Show.

      On another note my wife and I made up this running joke about the head store clerk at our local convenience store in my hometown. Her name is Wendy and I started calling her for no reason “Wendy Ding Dong” cause it sounds funny when you say it 5X fast. And it got a huge pop from the missus when I first said it. Anyway that was last Tuesday. I visit this website Friday morning and find the Ding Dongs Induction. Coincidence or circumstance?

      • C Boz says:

        Sorry Captain Obvious, but…

        I know that Chuck Barris was the host of the Gong Show. I also know that he may or may not have been a CIA hitman.

        And I also know that Rip Taylor was a very regular celebrity judge on the Gong Show (along with Joanne Worley — remember her). He would throw his confetti at least once in every episode. You can find him gracing Barris’s magnum opus on YouTube. And by the way, Barris himself created the $1.98 Beauty Show. How is that for trivia?

        But mostly I remember Gene Gene The Dancing Machine. What a star.

        And I was alive for all of this when it originally aired. Yes I am that old.

  18. Guest says:

    Jesus they had more matches? (as Maffew showed in Clashamania which sadly seems to be gone forever) and one of them was against the Skyscrapers I really want to know what booker they pissed off to be sentenced to such a cruel fate.

    “…Norman the Lunatic.

    Wait, you don’t remember Norman? Are you unfamiliar with the saga of the giant key?”

    Awww now you got me stuck waiting for the answer.

  19. El Atomico says:

    Google-Fu reveals the men behind the masks were Jim Evans and Richard Sartain. I remember Sartain doing jobs on WCW Saturday Night, but not Evans.

  20. Piper's Armpit says:

    New Zealand Militia?!?! More please. If they were brought in solely to combat the WWF’s two Kiwis… oh my stars.

  21. Seafort says:

    Here’s a full bio on The Ding Dongs. They were Greg Evans and Richard Sartain, who started teaming together as The Rock n Roll Rebels in Jody Hamilton’s promotion:

  22. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    R.D, I fully admire the upgrade to your Ding Dong. Er, wait a minute…

  23. Sean Wilkinson says:

    I refuse to believe that the audio of those two kids was unscripted and not provided by a pair of Saturday morning cartoon voiceover artists.

  24. Konietzko says:

    Of course we remember Norman, the leader of the Nitro Girls!

  25. John C says:

    There was a rumor floating around that they would be repackaged in a sailor’s gimmick like Captain Mike Rotunda. They would be Spunky and Jizzy, The Seamen. They would wear similar attire and pass out pearl necklaces to the crowd. Unfortunately they developed a reputation for being to stiff and their run ended prematurely.

    • Sean Wilkinson says:

      Hush, you! Keep that kind of talk on the QT or you’ll accidentally end up summoning He Who Must Not B-

      “Well, blows me down! I’s alsko passedk a few pearl neckglacskesk aroundsk ins mysk ownsk rightsk! Hah-gyuk-gyuk-gyuk-gyuk-gyuk!”

      *sigh* …hi, Gay Popeye…

  26. Chris Hopkins says:

    Gotta love it when Danielson does the “Lady of the Lake” Johnny Saint/George Kidd tribute! We used to see this spot all the time on World of Sport!

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