CLASSIC INDUCTION: Back to the Future Christmas – Great Scott! This Show Sucks!

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Cartoon, 1992

Note from RD: It’s that time of year again – CHRISTMAS!  As is the tradition around these parts, my last induction of the year prior to Christmas is always a non-wrestling one that focuses on a terrible Christmas movie or TV special.  Take a break from awful wrestling with an awful yule log instead!

As I write this, I am just a couple days away from seeing the new Star Wars flick, The Force Awakens.  In fact, when this induction goes live I will be in the theater watching it.  As excited as I should be about it (and don’t get me wrong, I am!), this week I’ve spent more time watching another one of my favorite films, Back to the Future.  Oh how I love Back to the Future.  In many ways, I view it as the perfect film – it has a fun plot, characters that make sense, and a story arc that twists and turns and in the end all makes perfect sense.  When I think of my high school days, I always always think about this film.

Despite my love for all things BTTF, though, I had never even heard of the cartoon show until Blade told me he found an old tape of it in his closet.  Better yet, it wasd a Christmas episode!  How this happened without my knowledge seems impossible.  I’d like to think perhaps I had better things to do when I was 24 years old than scour Saturday morning television for kids shows.  But I write that, and I know it’s complete folly – I am now nearly double that age and am spending several nights putting together this induction about, oh yes, a kids show.


The intro tells us pretty much exactly what we are in for, as we get Doc and Marty crammed into the DeLorean with three other characters.  Two appear to be young boys; the other is either a girl, a fish creature of some ilk, or maybe Mick Jagger.  Also, Einstein is now a wacky dog who apparently can drive the flying time machine train.  It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t get the dirt worst rendition of Back in Time your ears ever did hear.

Why if I didn’t know any better, I’d think that this show was going to be completely awful!


The show opens with Doc Brown’s Legs under the DeLorean as he babbles on about about oil and french fries and transmissions and how he wishes he’d never invented the time machine.  But hey, is sure did come in handy that time it was hot outside!

Ummmm, what?


Sure enough, we switch to the cartoon world, wherein, as stated, it is the dog days of summer.  As Doc is walking around upside down in the house (he’s an inventor, see?), we meet one of the kids, Verne.  Oh, ok.  So the kids are Jules and Verne, as those were Doc and Clara’s kids at the end of Part III.  Got it.


What I did not get was this person.  Above I noted that I thought perhaps this was Mick Jagger, but obviously it’s Steven Tyler, right?

Wait, what?




Look, I always found giving Doc a love interest kinda strange, but at least in the movie Clara was a slightly older woman.  Here…


…she looks legit like someone who has to be his daughter.


His creepy Steven Tyler looking daughter.

Please don’t kiss.  That’s all I ask.

Marty shows up on his hoverboard to join in complaining about how hot it is.  We get it, everyone is hot.  So hot they throw a temper tantrum worthy of the brattiest 2 year old you ever done seen.


The whining continues as Clara notes it’s “hot as the Dickens!”, which gives Doc a great idea: get out of the heat and go back in time to December 1845 England!


This is where I must borrow Blade’s “Whoa whoa, wait a second, time out” catchphrase.  I may be wrong, but I would have sworn in the movie Doc kept talking about how they needed to destroy the time machine so they couldn’t go back in time and potentially screw up the future.  I am certain he was adamant about that possibility.

But now, here, he decides to go back in time for the sole reason of a heat wave.

Why not just go back to last Thursday when it wasn’t so hot?

Whatever, they head back to Dickens’ London and are promptly greeted by Christmas carolers…


…who appear to be the minstrel trio of Porky Pig, Carrot Top, and Zamfir (thanks for the joke, Blade!).


As soon as they land, Jules asks Doc if he can have the keys to the car.  To “watch over them” he says.  Yeah, because if you are a adolescent teenage boy, you’re just going to pop those in your pocket for safe keeping.  Right.  Even young RD would have had ideas of where to go back in time when given the keys to do so.  They wouldn’t have been as filthy as young Blade, but I mean, who would?


Meanwhile, Marty falls off a rooftop (seriously) and starts hitting on various wenches in the local toy shop.  Again, remember when they wanted to stay inconspicuous in the movies and hide in the background?  Here Marty just goes loco looking for some strange.  To any of you who may have access to a time machine, I’d advise against that – gotta believe women (and men I suppose) of the mid 1800’s would be rampant with various now eradicated venereal diseases.


While watching Marty get smacked through the window, Doc notices quaint mechanical toys he had as a child and goes in to meet the shopkeep, who for all intents appears to be a mole.

In fact, not A mole, but rather…


…THE MOLE from Disney’s Wind in the Willows.  I’d cry foul, but to be fair, this same character also appeared in Mickey’s Christmas Carol:


So yeah, in the spirit of the holiday, we’ll cut them some slack.  In fact, I’d like to believe that there’s a whole extended family of mole people running around London at the time Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol.  Speaking of which, does anyone remember that old Night Before Christmas cartoon with mice running all over the place?  I’ve not seen that on TV in at least 30 years.  That wasn’t just something from my imagination was it?


A hooligan steals the car keys thus drawing the kids, Marty, and Doc away from the toy store just as Clara runs smack dab into…



He decides to not only foreclose on the toy store, but to kidnap Clara too.  I can only surmise he did so as he was woo’ed in by her blow up doll face.


The boys wind up trapped as well, hanging upside down by the kid who stole the keys and a dude with pork chop sideburns who decide that instead of killing them, they will make them go out into the streets and steal stuff.  What qualifies them to do this other than the fact that Verne was caught stealing cookies before they went back in time (which of course means they’d never have known about it) is unknown.


So Clara and the kids are gone and Marty and Doc just kinda look at each other in a baffled manner.  Thankfully the carolers we saw earlier appear to sing the entire plot line of the show.  That’s always a win.  In fact, I bet even the worst Raw would be enjoyable if every other commercial break we had festive carolers recapping the events in a sing song manner.

Marty discovers that Clara has been taken to debtor’s prison, and the only one who can get her released is Ebenezer Tannen.  Marty thus comes up with the brilliant idea of haunting Tannen.  Did anyone NOT see that coming? As cliched as it may be, I will say this:


I’ve never seen a version of this with one of the ghosts as a flying teenager.

Fonzie as an old man yes.

Hover board spirt no.

As Doc and the kids recover the keys to the DeLorean, Marty tries various tactics into scaring Tannen into releasing Clara, all of which fail before he finally hits upon success in showing him a Godzilla movie.


Again, I have to give this show props for being creative.  After all, how many other versions end with Scrooge being frightened by Godzilla, thus causing him to let everyone out of prison (???!!!)…


…followed by him dancing in his underwear…


…before falling into figgy pudding and then being mocked by carolers


…until finally turning the DeLorean into a clown car by jamming 87 people into it as they all go Back to the Future?

I mean, sure, this was absolutely terrible and makes no sense whatsoever, but, hey, it was definitely original!

And with that I take leave for this winter’s eve.  However, please check back in next week  for the annual WrestleCrap Radio Christmas special.  After all, it’s also absolutely terrible and makes no sense either…but it is original!

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24 Responses to "CLASSIC INDUCTION: Back to the Future Christmas – Great Scott! This Show Sucks!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    BTTF is not the the only Micheal J Fox movie that got an animated series. Teen Wolf got one too

    • Raging_Demons says:

      If I remember correctly Teen Wolf & Back To The Future did a cross-over cartoon event. Gotta admit I was one of the few people that like the Back To The Future cartoon because all of the live Doc Brown stuff.

      BTW cartoon Doc Brown was voiced by…Homer Simpson! D-oh~!

      YAY! Wrestlecrap Radio Christmas episode! Praying that Mike Check or Angry Jim is not on the sho so we at don’t have to clean up their messes

      • CP says:

        Unless the Teen Wolf cartoon magically got revived in 1992, I doubt it.

        CBS didn’t seem to really do as well with the cartoons as NBC and ABC did. Outside of Garfield, TMNT (which they ripped outta syndication), and The Mask I really don’t remember anything memorable about their Saturday lineup. (Including Hulk Hogan’s Rock’n Wrestling.)

  2. The Doctor of Style says:

    Freddie Blassie must’ve hated this. Clara is such a pencil-necked geek.

  3. jeremy says:

    I remember that Night Before Christmas special with the mice too. I can’t recall any details but I do remember it not being very good. it wasn’t awful just boring.

    • DeweyDTruman says:

      Can confirm as well that it was definitely a thing and it was definitely average. Used to air every year on Boomerang or maybe ABC Family when I was a kid, no idea if it still does though.

    • Saint Stryfe says:

      Twas the Night Before Christmas, 1974 by Rankin Bass!

      As always, the Internet is here to supply:

  4. Geoff says:

    So we talk about Clara, talk about Jules and Verne and Marty and Doc and Tannen and the pickpocket boy but now I’m wondering who Sara is. I think you may have typed it up so fast you put Sara’s name instead of Clara in a couple of paragraphs. Unless Sara was a character in the cartoon but ultimately forgot to intro her in your introduction.

  5. Scrooge McSuck says:

    Twas The Night Before Christmas (the cartoon special referenced) was an awesome special and I just watched it earlier tonight on YouTube. Haven’t seen it on TV in over a decade (at least).

  6. Thomas says:

    I loved this show as a kid, and was happy it finally got a DVD release this year.

  7. John C says:

    Now of course for the Wrestlecrap Radio Christmas Spectacular on Ice Show there has to carolers who sing after each segment to recap what we just heard.

  8. Stephen says:

    This doesn’t sound so bad, apart from Marty hitting on a girl at the toy store. Either he’d forgotten about his girlfriend/future wife Jennifer or she wasn’t in the cartoon but either way, it’s a slap in the face.

    Other than that, it’s standard Christmas fare. Oliver Twist and Scrooge. Plus, the Godzilla movie was a nice call back to the first film, where Marty tricked George into asking Lorraine to the dance by posing as Darth Vader.

    The first audio link doesn’t work by the way, RD. The real link is here:

  9. RobVanDamIsABallerina says:

    Excellent Christmas Crap! Of topic, but there is, and only ever will be, ONE Christmas special worth watching. And it’s name is Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas.

  10. Geoff says:

    Or maybe the Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood as Maria would be worth watching too.

  11. JC Venom says:

    Is it sad that the most significant problem I had with the cartoon was that they destroyed the DeLorean in the final scene and they should be using the locomotive to time travel?

    • Thomas says:

      This show was on CBS Saturday Morning, and the only reason I even watched that channel at the time. I was usually a Fox Kids viewer. It was frequently preempted for sports before CBS ditched the lineup altogether.

      Anyway, the show slightly retcons the end of Back to the Future Part III, such that Doc Brown rebuilt the DeLorean alongside the train. Also, no matter where or when they traveled, they always ran into some distant ancestor of Biff Tannen.

      It is worth pointing out that both Clara and Biff were played by Mary Steenburgen and Thomas Wilson, and that Christopher Lloyd played Doc Brown in the live-action segments. RD doesn’t even mention that they also featured safe-at-home science experiments performed by Bill Nye, before he got his own show.

  12. Mister Forth says:

    Strange episode.

  13. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    While we’re on the subject of the BTTF cartoon, RD, did you ever watch the episode “Roman Holiday” (also known as “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Race”)? That was the one where Marty, Doc, Jules, and Verne go Rome in 36 A.D. so Doc can return some architectural plans that he had borrowed for studying. Once there, Marty is challenged by Biff’s Roman ancestor Bifficus Antanneny to a chariot race. Marty rightfulyl refuses at first, but accepts after Bifficus calls him a chicken.

    Let me give you my thoughts on Marty accepting Biffcus’ challenge after being called a chicken:

    This cartoon clearly indicates that it takes place after the events of the Back to the Future Trilogy. Well, if that’s the case, I don’t think Marty would’ve succumbed to Bifficus’ challenge here, because by this point, Marty is supposed to have learned his lesson about being called a chicken.

    Remember the end of Back to the Future Part III? Marty is going to race Douglas J. Needles, which is what gets Marty into the car accident that injures his hand as mentioned in Back to the Future Part II. But, after spending a whole week in 1885 and his showdown with Mad Dog Tannen, Marty learns a vauable lesson about common sense, and he no longer gets steamed up when someone calls him names, which saves Marty from crashing into the Rolls Royce, therefore his life doesn’t spiral downward by 2015.

    So yeah, this cartoon is actually taking Marty’s character a step backwards, and I don’t buy it.

    • Thomas says:

      Like I said upthread, the show retcons things from the movies a bit. The biggest thing that was changed was that the DeLorean could now travel to any destination in the world at any point in time, rather than to a different time but in the same place.

      • Deepthroat Ghoul says:


        Also, compared to a gunfight, a chariot race is probably a little less dangerous, and Doc DID tell Marty that he had to lose the race so history would go on as planned.

  14. Renz says:

    This series had a wrestling episode:

  15. Felicity says:

    Clara is from 1885, almost the same time period! I hope she isn’t rampant with diseases too! At least we know Doc has access to future medical technology—all-natural overhaul, hair repair, change of blood…

    Oddly enough I liked the bad cover of “Back in Time” that is the theme song for this show.

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