I noticed that Merle had written a column about a month ago detailing Rikishi’s rise to fame, and how it was almost directly related to his big ol’ butt. Now while some may question that, I am here to tell you that Merle is 100% correct. It is his ass that got him over.

How do I know this? Well, because Riksihi has already had the hip hop dancin’ fool image once before, when he was simply known as Fatu.

Decked out in street gear (complete with stocking cap!), he’d come out to the ring looking to “Make a Difference.” He’d tell kids to “Just Say No” to drugs, and to think positive. He went to the streets to be a positive role model. And he did one other thing – HE DANCED!

Now, with the exception of the “Just Say No” spiel, tell me how different this is than the Rikishi character he portrays today? Granted, there were a few other differences, like the fact that Fatu was a happy guy, while Rikishi seems somewhat more somber. And there is the fact that Fatu was much more agile than today’s character is. In fact, his finisher was one he used as a Headshrinker: a superfly Snuka splash off the top rope.

The only other difference between the two characters (aside from about 100 pound weight gain) is that Rikishi shows off his ass.

What kind of sick, twisted society do we live in where a “Just Say No” good guy doesn’t get over, but a guy that shows off his ass in a thong does?

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