Exposed! Pro Wrestling Secrets Revealed

What a shocker this turned out to be. This NBC TV Special revealed all the hidden secrets of pro wrestling. Why just look what they filled us marks in on:

– The match result is predetermined!

– Wrestlers STOMP when they throw punches!

– When you take a chairshot, you want to take it on the back!

– A legdrop actually hits the chest, not the windpipe!

What a total waste of time this show was. Even the densest mark out there already knew all this crap, yet it was”revealed” as a great secret.

Basically, NBC had a smarmy announcer, who called wrestling everything but real, as a bunch of hasbeens and wannabes in silly outfits “gave away” the business.

The only thing really given away was the credibility of Harley Race, who played the part of the booker (also known, according to the program, as the evil puppetmaster).

Nice disguise, Harley. The witness protection program it ain’t.

Then they showed some gimmicks and angles that in all my years I have NEVER seen, yet they claimed these happens at every show.

For example, the poor little kid who gets his autograph book ripped up.

But here’s the secret – he’s actually going out for pizza with the wrestlers after the show! He’s a SHILL, he’s a PLANT!

Look at him as he gleefully cackles about the con he helped perpetrate!

Then there’s the granny who gets attacked at every show. What, you’ve never seen that? Why she does it NIGHT AFTER NIGHT according to the braintrust at NBC, so it must be right!

But here’s the secret – she’s a STUNT GRANNY. Yep, the announcer even says so! Just to let the workers know she’s ok, she will wink at them. Yep.

This aired on a Sunday night originally, and I really hope no one gave up Sunday Night Heat to watch this. If you REALLY want to torture yourself, head to Blockbuster and pick ut up. But be forewarned: for some reason, you need to be 18 to rent it!

Maybe Blockbuster is right – the youth of America shouldn’t be corrupted by garbage like this!

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