The Cole Twins

Tonight’s induction may just be a first in WrestleCrap history, as the Cole Twins didn’t have a particularly bad gimmick, or particularly bad matches, or particularly bad storylines, or even particularly bad interviews.

But what Keith and Kent Cole did have was…

Cole Twins

…well, you tell me.

Keith Cole arrived in WCW in late 1992, teaming with enhancement talent. Right away, Keith stood out for his impossibly flat flat-top…

…which, with a turn of the head, revealed a bleach-blond curtain hanging off the top of his head.

Some might say that Keith sported not just the ugliest haircut they’d ever seen, but the two ugliest haircuts they’d ever seen.

But to me, Keith’s hair was a real beaut…

…or butte, anyway, with a very tall waterfall flowing off it.

WCW viewers saw big things in the future for Keith Cole — if Sting held the world title with a flat top and a rat tail, what could Keith accomplish with that same hair cut, raised to the tenth power?

But first, Keith would need a better teammate. Sure enough, his next tag match would make viewers see double:

Four bad haircuts!

If a mullet was “business in the front, party in the back”…

…the Cole Twins’ hyper-exaggerated hairstyles were hard labor in the front, orgy in the back.

But regardless of their hair crimes, the Cole Twins found themselves on a winning streak.

As the weeks and months passed, the Cole Twins got funky…

…and displayed the kind of fashion sense you’d expect from guys with both eraser heads and beaver tails:

Silk shirts, earrings, acid wash jeans, and fanny packs. As Paul McCartney might say, that’s one très bien ensemble!

As for their in-ring attire, their gear resembled that of a young John Cena…

…himself the owner of a hair-don’t.

The Cole Twins proved quite popular, we were told, even inspiring a fan club.

“Hey stupid. He didn’t tag!!!”

Like Hulk Hogan, the Cole Twins were fan favorites who often broke the rules (via twin magic)…

…but despite this, Jesse Ventura was always keen to get an interview.

I guess he liked having only the third-worst hair on screen.

Keith Cole’s career peaked at the 1993 BattleBowl, where he not only made his pay-per-view debut…

…but got to mix it up with his hair model, the Stinger.

Kent Cole wasn’t so lucky, being the only man in the whole locker room (which included Rip Rogers) not to wrestle that night. Such was the luck of the draw.

Regrettably, the Cole Twins disappeared from WCW in early 1994. Some say Kent accidentally brushed against Keith’s hair, slicing himself open and violating WCW’s no-blood policy.

Others say they went into construction, serving as columns.

While a Keith and Kent “Kohl” would emerge in 2000 in NWA Wildside…

…those couldn’t possibly be the same guys.

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