Chaz – Woman Beater

Chaz Woman Beater

Some guys just never get a break.

Mike Shaw, for instance. A fairly agile big man, he never really went anywhere in the sport due to the stupid gimmicks he was asked to portray. Fans could never take him seriously when he was a truck driver (Big Trucker Norm), a monk (Friar Ferguson), or a big fat farting hunchback (Bastion Booger).

Or how about Al Snow? A talented grappler, he was given horrible gimmicks like Leif Cassidy (hearthrob teen idol in the New Rockers) and the genie pants wearing, ninja star-throwing martial arts master Avatar. He actually got semi-over waving a mannequin head around, but never really achieved what he probably should have in this business.

Then there’s Chaz Warrington. Most famous as Mosh of the Headbangers, he was given a few other “winning” characters, like Mother Trucker in the Sisters of Love…

…and Harry “Beaver” Cleavage, a spoof of the 1950’s sitcom, Leave it To Beaver.

After dealing with lamebrained schemes such as those, it must have been a huge relief to learn that the WWF creative department wanted him to drop the silliniess, and just become Chaz, a kid from New Jersey who was just looking to have some fun. He even got to be escorted to the ring by his real life girlfriend, Marianna.

Shortly after his debut, Chaz decided to part ways with Marianna.

She promptly accused him of beating her.

She would come to the ring, with discolored eyes, bruises about her skin, etc.. She was able to turn the whole WWF against poor ol’ Chaz – even referees would refuse to count his pinfalls!

When Earl Hebner turns on you, it’s time to pack it in, kid.

Naturally, he was also “arrested” on several occasions for domestic violence.

Such was the case on one episode of Heat, as Marianna once again made her way to ringside with a police escort. But this time, Chaz’ old running buddy, Glen Ruth (Headbanger Thrasher), showed up with evidence to prove his pal’s innocence!

Through the miracle of GTV, we learned that Chaz never once touched Marianna…

…and that she was making this all up to get back at Chaz for dumping her.

She was so clever, that, get THIS – she would APPLY MAKEUP to make the “bruises” on her skin.

Maybe the beatings did it – Maybe it’s Maybelline!

And off she went in the paddy wagon, never to be seen again.

As for Chaz, he wasn’t done on the Gimmick-Go-Round, as he would later team up with D-Lo Brown, in the Tiger Ali Singh led duo known as Lo Down.

A domestic violence gimmick, and not ONCE did I mention Steve Austin.


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