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AEW, 2019

Two weeks ago, RD emailed me with a special assignment: WrestleCrap’s first-ever induction from AEW. 

Apparently, a lot of people out there think we’re somehow biased in favor of All Elite Wrestling. While that’s plainly false, it was up to me to put such rumors to rest. But what from AEW was bad enough to warrant an induction on this site?

Tony Khan spoiling his viewers with one blockbuster announcement after another?

Dynamite being only two hours long?

Matt Hardy almost dying in a match?

I honestly had no idea. And so I set out to watch each and every AEW match from the beginning until I found something worthy of being called “the worst of pro wrestling”. 

It didn’t take long. It turns out, AEW was bound for WrestleCrap from its very first match.

Opening AEW’s first official event, Double or Nothing 2019, the Casino Battle Royale aired live on the “Buy-In” pre-show and served two purposes:

#1 – To persuade fence-sitters to lay down 50 bucks and buy the PPV.

#2 – To determine who would wrestle Chris Jericho or Kenny Omega to crown the first-ever AEW World champion

There was also a third purpose that became obvious once the match began, which was:

#3 – To cram as much goofy crap into one match as possible.

As it turned out, #3 really undermined the first two.

It’s eerie how much criticism of the original Bond spoof Casino Royale could apply to the Casino (Battle) Royale.

For those unfamiliar with the match type, it’s essentially a Royal Rumble where the entrants come out five at a time. Like the Royal Rumble, the staggered entrances allow the match to breathe and tell a story, but unlike the Royal Rumble, it has a slight rule change to combat accusations of plagiarism.

“The rules may seem convoluted, Alex,” said Excalibur, “but really it’s a traditional over-the-top rope battle royal.” Refreshing honesty compared to TNA’s “really quite simple” gimmick matches that require two screens’ worth of text to explain.

The first five men presented to AEW viewers included two future jobbers of AEW, two guys with no Wikipedia pages, and MJF, who was not yet one of the biggest stars in AEW (or not in AEW, as the case may be when you read this).

The aforementioned jobbers were pre-face mask Brandon Cutler…

…and Michael Nakazawa, AEW’s answer to Big Dick Johnson, who poured baby oil all over himself. This garnered a big pop from everyone who watched Being The Elite (and no one else).

There was some guy named Sunny Daze, the only wrestler named for sex with Tammy Sytch…

(unless there was a Sunny Sy Dupp)

…and Dustin Thomas, a double amputee whose incredible journey to this grand stage was given a single sentence on commentary.

Now, some might say Dustin Thomas should have been barred from battle royals altogether. After all, as both feet have to hit the floor to be eliminated, he technically could never be beaten. And once wrestlers realize they can gain an unfair advantage simply by amputating a foot (or, heaven forbid, a shoulder), they’ll all do it, causing the downfall of this great sport.

[I just want to clarify here that that is nonsense, and that it is good that promotions accommodate wrestlers with disabilities]

As soon as the bell rang, MJF went straight for Thomas, whom he booted to the mat for some cheap heat. He then did the same to Brandon Cutler, whom he not unfairly called a “nobody”. 

Sunny Daze, who debuted in 1990’s Super Mario Brothers 3, set his sights on Nakazawa…

…who oiled up some more and slipped out of Angry Sun Man’s waist lock.

“Two inspirational stories here,” said Excalibur. “Sunny Daze and Brandon Cutler.” Bear in mind that a man with no legs was still in this match.

The only man who hadn’t forgotten about Dustin Thomas was MJF. But why was he trying to kick him under the bottom rope? And why was he failing at that?

Isiah Kassidy of Private Party led the next round round of entrants representing the future of AEW. Or a future, anyhow: Brian Pillman, Jr., Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc, and special featured entrant…

…Shawn Spears, who entered tenth and immediately launched into his old “Perfect Ten” shtick. Remember when NXT fans would shout “TEN” over the referee’s count? Bad times.

It was the Shawn Spears show for the next few minutes until the next round of entrants, featuring a 55-year-old nostalgia act.

Billy Gunn? No, the guy behind him.

Glacier! Remember him?

And just when you thought AEW couldn’t further expose how thin its roster was, they brought out this Ace Romero fellow.

(Ironic, huh?)

MJF taunted Glacier with Eric Bischoff’s signature Ralph Macchio pose, but paid for it with a Kombo from WCW’s own Sub-Zero. Glacier’s moment in the spotlight was short-lived, though, as he’d get blindsided by his natural nemesis, Sunny Daze.

At this point, the match (for a world title shot, mind you), contained a failed Mortal Kombat gimmick, an ass man, an extremely fat man, an angry Mr. Sun, a double-amputee who’d been incapacitated since literally five seconds into the match, a jobber friend of The Young Bucks, and a baby oil man. The Elite, Tony Khan, or whoever put together this match decided that now would be the time to get serious.

So out went the baby oil man. 

Joey Janela took a moment to celebrate with a cigarette, the second-dumbest thing he’s ever light up in a wrestling match.

Glacier blew cold mist on Sunny Daze, freezing him in place. One punch later, and the only wrestler named for a My Little Pony character was gone. MJF would seize the moment to dump Glacier over…

…but Billy Gunn was not amused. Before MJF could turn around and take his inevitable Mr. Ass-beating…

…Joey Janela freaked out. It seems that, off-camera, Jimmy Havoc had stapled the cigarette to Janela’s forehead somehow. But due to timing issues, we never got to see Deathmatch Gary Numan’s hardcore antics on camera.

The last bunch of five included novelty acts like Marko Stunt, Luchasaurus, and Orange Cassidy. Normally, these guys would be the comic relief — but relief from what, exactly?

Tommy Dreamer was in the battle royal, too, deciding that this garbage match needed was, well, garbage cans.

He would later run afoul of Sonny Kiss’s devastating Butt-Butts. 

(Personally, I’d have called them Ass-Butts)

It was now time for the “Joker”, the very last entrant (and arguably the very first entrant with a shot of winning and challenging for the title), Adam Page. But that didn’t mean it would be clear sailing for the Hangman, as there were still sixteen other contenders still in it. (Pillman, Jr. had gotten thrown out right as the last “suit” of five wrestlers was announced, so no one noticed)

Though the action and the eliminations picked up significantly after the last entrant, getting there felt like an eternity. And what was the point of staggering the entrances if the only good parts came after everyone had already entered? 

Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt did their part by taking on the massive Ace Romero. Excalibur pointed out that these were “the two smallest men in the match”, forgetting, like everyone else, about the guy who literally did not have legs below the knees.

Alex Marvez pointed out that the show was airing live in the UK — imagine watching this match at 12:30 AM and thinking, Yes, I’d like to stay up for four more hours of this.

That’s also how long Dustin Thomas had been lying on the ring apron, though Youtube says it was only seventeen minutes. When he finally entered the action, he delivered an impressive 619 to Joey Janela. Here’s how it aired:

It came down to Page, Luchasaurus, Havoc, and MJF, the latter of whom pulled the old “go under the bottom rope and hide until the end” trick.

Sure enough, the announcers briefly forgot about MJF after it appeared to come down to Luchasaurus and Hangman. “Two men,” said Excalibur. “Actually, my mistake, three men remain. MJF still on the floor like a snake in the grass!”

“Yeah!” said Marvez. “Let’s not forget about him.” 

Not thirty seconds later, Excalibur forgot about him, declaring Page the winner after low-bridging the big dinosaur. 

Nnoooo….?” said Marvez. “He has not won.” Shut up, Alex. No one likes a know-it-all.

So Adam Page thought he had won, allowing MJF to sneak up behind him and dump him over the top rope. But, though Friedman would turn right around and celebrate, all he’d really managed to do was snatch away the idiot ball from Hangman…

…who hung on, hit the Buckshot Lariat, and eliminated the Long Islander to win the match for real.

This match wouldn’t be the last baffling decision would make that year; AEW’s next pay-per-view would feature a match sponsored by Cracker Barrel, the restaurant chain, featuring barrels used as weapons.

But in retrospect, AEW should have had the Casino Battle Royale be sponsored by Cracker Barrel, as they were clearly scraping the bottom of it.

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Art has been writing inductions for WrestleCrap since 2012. He also writes reviews of old Monday Night Raws, posted here every other Sunday. You can find his old reviews at the "How Much Does This Guy Weigh?" blog. Follow him on Twitter @Art0Donnell. Email at:
28 Responses to "Induction: The first Casino Battle Royale – All Elite WrestleCrap"
  1. Demiglitch says:

    Great article. The crap engulfs us all.

  2. Mr-Forth says:

    A weird way to entice fans.

  3. Statistician says:


    This is the 9th induction from 2019. 2019 is exactly as Crappy as 2016, but more Crappy than any of the other years between 2016 and now.
    It’s also, as you say, the first ever induction from AEW! (and it’s not the Nightmare Collective, as I predicted) Yay for new horizons! Nightmare Collective soon?
    Sunny Daze has had another appearance on AEW, showing up as the Steel City Brawler on a Pittsburgh episode of AEW Dark Elevation. He lost in 3 minutes to Tony Nese. Hard fall from being a potential World Champion, I know.
    Acey Romero would soon get a job with Impact (now there’s a promotion with a thin roster). He wouldn’t do much.
    Promotions that have had literally their first ever match be added to the annals of WrestleCrap don’t tend to do well. WXO, Heroes of Wrestling, TNA (the Flying Elvises were mentioned in the Early Days induction)… the list goes on.

    Join me next time for more numbers and facts no one cares about.

    • Lightwalker19 says:

      I agree on you on saying that 2019 was definitely, the worst year in at least, the last decade in wrestling terms, There were some really horrible, cringeworthy and dull stuff everywhere and really few good enjoyable storylines after all, specially from WWE programming.
      And AEW, while it had the best time to overcome its competition, sadly, was not the exception of that, specially when at that time we’re having Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley as the most compelling and interesting story on it, which it was a rivalry which started from nothing, and had suffered a lot of interruptions on it mostly because of Moxley’s injuries.
      Luckily, AEW would improve a lot on its programming next year (and even having a pandemic blocking all over it, nuff said). I mean, just the two first months of 2020 of AEW with present crowd, were really outshining all the company was building up in all of 2019. I can only remember Double of Nothing 2019 as the only good show from that year, and even that, we have to say that by not including this stupid battle royale.

  4. Barronmore says:

    I hated this match. It really was as crappy as you say. And the concept of the battle royal is just stupid. I love AEW, but it sure had some growing pains.

    I still think an 8 team tournament for the tag titles that only had 7 teams in it (they had to recycle a team to get to 8) is the worst thing I’ve seen yet. Even with the crap roster they had at the time, they could have gotten 8 teams together…

  5. TardisMechanic says:

    “After all, as both feet have to hit the floor to be eliminated, he technically could never be beaten.”

    My sides have entered orbit. Oh my god.

  6. El J says:

    I remember being awake at 12:30 and, remembering this was kicking off, thought I’d give this a look. I think I lasted about 5 minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore and turned it off.

  7. Ben says:

    AEW was put up in order to be seen as a unique promotion that will rival WWE and this match proved unique in a sense that some wrestling fans didn’t take AEW seriously after this when they saw a freak getting aroused in baby oil, a slacker, a dinosaur, a Tarzan kid and an amputee in a battle royal. Not a good start to promote your product.

  8. Si says:

    Is Dustin Thomas still around? I remember him being a hit at one of Janela’s Mania week Spring Break shows but I don’t think I’ve seen him since this.

    • Kirk says:

      Dustin Thomas occasionally appears for GCW, but not very frequently. Last time I saw him was on another pre-show Rumble style match, that being the Wrld on GCW at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      Nah, he’s jumped ship to GCW.

  9. Moppy says:

    This demonstrates the difference between AEW and TNA. AEW did something stupid and for the most part used it as a learning curve and have put out very few silly matches or angles since, whereas TNA quadrupled down on nearly all their insane decisions.

  10. Mr. Pelican Pants says:

    “…he technically could never be beaten.”

    Jim Herd probably said to himself “Why didn’t I think of that?! The best I could up with were hunchbacks who couldn’t be pinned.”

  11. Jerry says:

    Seems like Zach Gowen was eliminated from a battle royale once, because his prostethic leg touched the floor at the same time, his real one did. So, actually kind of surprising, Thomas did not get his “head and shoulders” comedy spot here too to get him out. Booking must have forgotten about him in the same way, everyone else did.

  12. Acolyte of Glorious La Parka~ says:

    Was this the battle royale with George Lazenby?

  13. Michael says:

    I was there live & the crowd loved the whole match. On rewatch the biggest issue was the camera cutting at the wrong times, missing too much or not getting very good angles on certain spots. But from where I was sitting I could see it all & it was great.

  14. RRA says:

    So when are we getting an induction for the “exploding” ring match?

  15. Doc 902714 says:

    ABOUT TIME!! If you take off the rose colored glasses long enough, you’ll discover that AEW has a treasure trove of pure honest-to-goodness WrestleCrap. This battle royal was simply ATTROCIOUS! Only one that could compare is the 2012 Royal Rumble match wherein you had; a SOCK, a COBRA, a BULL, a WOMAN, three ANNOUNCERS, and a LACKEY driving a BEATER. But you did get a great finish to the match but with this battle royal you didn’t get that. To think that RR12 match was also inducted on this site as well. In hindsight, AEW should have tried to duplicate the 92 Rumble (WWE’s best IMO) not the 2012 Rumble (the WORST).

    • Art0Donnell says:

      A woman? Now I’ve heard everything

    • Jerry says:

      There is admittedly a slightly different level of expectations between a preshow (or dark) match and the namesake main event of a show. I think, a better comparison would be one of the throwaway stinkers of Raw/Smackdown Battle Royales.

    • Guest says:

      Take off the rose colored glasses?

      You clearly have never seen a TNA, WCW, or WWF/WWE fan trying to play up horrible matches, horrible wrestlers, horrible booking, or horrible promos that they try to make sound much better than they objectively are/were.

      Hop off the Cornette train and actually reassess what you’re saying cause clearly sound like a biased mark who hasn’t watched much wrestling if any of you think AEW is the worst of the worst.

  16. MJI says:

    The Sammy/Scorpio storyline DEFINITELY needs to be inducted at some point. What a mess that was. Thank god it’s over.

  17. Justin says:

    This was, I believe, also the PPV where they had a video package of Wardlow with his expensive car and lady friend get accosted in an empty parking deck, where he took off his shirt and killed all four small men. A little while later, he was destitute and working for MJF to feed his family. I don’t think Big Show lost that much money that quickly.

    Angry Sun Man ran a few indy shows up this way a few years back, which I think was before his Angry Sun Man persona. I usually volunteered to open the building up, make sure they cleaned up after they were done, and stayed for the shows.

    One time, Shane Douglas took a suplex onto a rolled-up wrestling mat that we had, and sold it like he landed on concrete. Another show had the babyface win the main event cage match when the heel Mafia kicked the hero out through the door. It was quite anticlimactic.

  18. ProWresBlog says:

    Here’s some other suggestions for entries:

    – Michael Nakazawa IT Guy with Kenny. They wrestled with headsets on that weren’t connected to anything and pretended to talk in them. Nakazawa also wrestled in full IT clothes.

    – Dante Martin’s numerous partnerships. Dante was with his brother until he gets hurt. Dante becomes a client of Lio Rush, then turns on him to join Team Taz, then turns on them right after in some apparent scheme to win a battle royale. Jay Lethal gets introduced to the partnership somehow, Lio Rush gets fired, then Lee Moriarty joins up with him and then somehow it ends in Dante joining up with Matt Sydal. Dante teams with his brother again, who gets hurt again.

    – The rankings system. They ran into issues less than one month in with undefeated people getting passed up for people who had lost multiple times. #1 contenders are frequently passed up for winners of random battle royales.

    – AEW constantly having people lose on their debut or in their first big match. It’s pro wrestling 101 and AEW just can’t figure it out. Cage, Brodie Lee, Cobb, Fish, I think Swerve lost in his first match, Will Osperay, amongst many others.

    – AEW Dark and Elevation in general. Both shows are boring squash match shows that accomplish nothing but padding records. Meanwhile, NXT 2.0 produces a whole crop of main roster ready talent in months.

    – Miro the Gamer – Miro gets misused in WWE. He shows up to AEW wearing goofy looking clothes, looking fat and playing video games. Tony says he will become a big crossover star. Then he drops the gimmick and is far better off with it.

    – Kip Sabian wears a bag over his head for months. It is never acknowledged and accomplishes absolutely nothing.

    – Brandi Rhode’s heel faction

    – Brandi Rhodes vs American Top Team – Brandi gets to emasculate Sky, Page and Lambert weekly and they back down from fighting her. She then leaves and we get the atrocious American Top Team vs Sammy/Tay feud with cars, belts and trophy cases being destroyed and Sammy/Tay ruining their careers.

    – Page’s path to the AEW title and title reign. Page goes away when he is supposed to get a title shot, wins the title and then barely gets any TV time for the rest of his reign until he loses.

    – SCU’s break up. The Bucks beat SCU and they are forced to break up. The camera’s cut away during the final emotional moments as we go TO THE BACK.

    – The FTW Title. Cage gets awarded it for no reason, then proceeds to lose in his non-squash after. The title gets forgotten about for months or defended against total jobbers and never becomes relevant.

    – You could a whole article on AEW’s teleports. Darby, Matt Hardy, Shaq, The Elite, Malakai Black and others all teleported at various times. Why don’t any of these people teleport when they are getting pinned?

    – Shawn Spears. Initial upper midcard AEW guy, gets totally jobbed out and even has his pants ripped off at one point, then becomes this violent assassin who chairs people.

    – Kenny Omega’s three belt run. Kenny wins AAA’s, Impact’s and AEW’s titles. He goes over everyone in Impact, makes Rich Swann look like a doofus and the big pay off is Christian (a non-Impact guy) beating Omega for the Impact title on an AEW show. Kenny conveniently has surgery and never drops the AAA title after beating multiple people there.

    – AEW Dark Episode 66. Shawn Spears gets thrown through a wall by Scorpio Sky. This is then never shown or mentioned ever again.

    – The whole Forbidden Door/NJPW Invasion. Tons of random NJPW and non-NJPW guys come in and lose. AEW expects everyone to know who these people are and AEW gets some of their worst ratings due to it.

    – The Gunn Club – They built up some wild undefeated streak then lose in a random match with little build to Sting and Darby.

    – Cody’s heel run or whatever it was before leaving AEW. He puts over Sammy, they make an interim title, then he wins it back, he starts hinting that he is shooting on AEW and going heel, then he just leaves the company.

    – The AEW and the MJF storyline. AEW rips off fans at a meet and greet then tries to get people to buy a PPV with the idea that MJF isn’t going to be there, even though they knew he was. Meltzer and Sean Ross Sapp get worked and the angle is quickly revealed to be a work.

    – The Librarians. Leva Bates and Peter Avalon are librarians in an awful gimmick that is still being used to this day.

    – There was also some stupid Brandon Cutler vs Peter Avalon match. Neither guy could win a match so they put them against each other and there’s all kinds of nonsense.

    And there’s even more.

    • Guest says:

      Couple of nitpicks.

      There isn’t any reason to think the AEW thing with “ripping” people off was an AEW thing and not a MJF thing.

      The thing with Kenny dropping the belt to Christian even if you want to complain about how it made Swann look (never mind things like his bad hairstyle) Christian beating him was fine since as people seem to forget even if Christian wasn’t signed to iMPACT at the time he’s former TNA champion. Also cool it with the convenient “shoulder surgery” bit. If you want to criticize a guy or a promotion for not dropping a title when they should this isn’t the way to go about it.

      You really are touting NXT 2.0 as being a better show than Dark & Elevation despite the fact that Wrestlecrap comically inducted the relaunch to say nothing of the fact the should struggles to get more than half a million viewers. Along with mentioning they have main event ready talent…..despite historically and even with the relaunch the company putting people who neither main event ready or even NXT TV ready?

      Pretty sure a good portion of AEW’s audience knew who the New Japan guys were let’s ignore the impact of sports playoffs being another potential reason the ratings took a hit.

      So the Gunn Club had an unbeaten streak and then lost to Sting & Darby. Still better than Bo Dallas having an unbeaten streak and then losing to R-Truth on Raw.

    • Alex says:

      You should create your own website to see these things included.
      It’s “elite” country around here.
      The company is putting crap after crap on a weekly basis and we just had the first inclusion after 3 years!

      This site used to kindly laugh at the crazy world of pro wrestling and that was so great.
      Now, it’s just another smark forum for people who think they know better than the most successful pro wrestling company of the last 4 decades!

      • RD Reynolds says:

        We do an AEW induction and WWE fans get mad.

        That may be a first in more ways than one.

        • Art0Donnell says:

          That’s Alex’s M.O. — only comment on the articles about AEW to chide us for never inducting AEW stuff. There’s the Gooker voting every year where we include AEW nominations (but not enough of them!), now there’s this induction (which sucks because it’s not 20 inductions).

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