Buddy Rose Blow Away Diet

Buddy Rose Blow Away Diet

Where to even begin?

The WWF is in the midst of a major talent raid on the old AWA. In recent years, they’ve acquired the services of Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, Curt Hennig, and more. For no apparent reason, they also snare long time AWA star and Seaworlds’ Shamu understudy, “Playboy” Buddy Rose.

As it turns out, Vince DID have plans for the guy – BIG plans. He would market a new WWF product that was so revolutionary, so extraordinary, that the WWF would make a fortune.

And if you’re guessing it was Hulk Hogan vitamins, go to the back of the class and face the corner.

Nope, it was the “Playboy” Buddy Rose Blow Away Diet!

The commercials for the product were awesome. They showed Rose in whitey tighties and a tank top skipping rope, doing sit ups, and generally looking like a big buffoon.

But no matter how much he worked out, he couldn’t lose weight!

But all was not lost – enter the Blow Away Diet!

Here’s our annoyingly over the top announcer to tell you more!

Now it didn’t matter if Rose had a can of tuna for lunch or an all you can eat buffet!

He simply dumped the “factory formulated” powder all over this body…

…turned on a fan….

…and blew the pounds away!

Yep, he just sat there while he got skinny.

Rose was able to lose all this ugly fat.

And he had a nice, firm fanny!

And here’s the proof:

Buddy Rose Before…

…and AFTER!

See the difference?

Of course, this wasn’t a real WWF product. It was just a spoof of weight loss commercials. And as these things tend to go, you either find them funny or not. And for the record, we thought it was pretty funny, in a make fun of the fat people kind of way. It was certainly more clever than Bertha Faye.

Why the WWF decided to dedicate air time to a bogus commercial starring a jobber is one of the great unsolved mysteries. Rose left the WWF shortly after the Blow Away spots, probably to pursue a career as a bodybuilder.

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